Do you long to handle the ups and downs of motherhood with grace and ease?

Are you exhausted from feeling anxious and trying to be "perfect'?

Are you open to uncovering how amazing you really are and how your unique energy blueprint impacts the way you operate in the world? 


I sought out Jennifer after experiencing postpartum anxiety and mild PPD. I had recently gone back to work after having a baby and hated being separated from my daughter. During our time together I gained a lot of perspective, empathy and validation that I wasn’t alone. She helped me see my reality differently and cope with everything much better. I have my anxiety under control and I was even able to clear some strong feelings connected to a traumatic birth experience. I would recommend Jennifer to moms who are struggling with anxiety and stress, especially related to work life balance. She considers the whole person and takes a holistic approach to enable healing of mind, body and spirit.
— J.C. New Jersey