Interview with Kim Calichio-The Connected Chef

One of my biggest parenting struggles is around meal planning and getting my three kids to eat healthy.  I feel like a lot of this guilt comes up because I am a certified health coach and I know exactly what is healthy for my kids to eat.  Yet on most days I say, fuck it; and give them what they actually will eat, which is pretty much chicken nuggets 5 days a week.  Of course, I want to do better AND I don’t want to waste food.  As much as I hate when my kids eat junk, there is nothing that drives me crazy more than throwing away perfectly good food.

Thank god one of my superpowers is knowing when something isn’t working and asking for help; so I reached out to my friend, Kim Calichio owner of the Connected Chef.  I knew that Kim could offer me some insights on why this isn’t working and how to make meal time with kids a bit more mindful and joyful.   I actually had a huge ah ha moment when we talked about picky eaters and why kids are fearful about trying new foods.  If getting your kids into the kitchen and eating better interests you I invite you to check connect with Kim at and check out our chat below.  Kim also teaches us how to hold a knife correctly…you don’t want to miss that right?!


Can your challenge turn out to be your greatest gift?

Have you ever had an experience that changed your life?  An experience that at the time was torture and left you saying, “why me?”  That was me 2 years ago when after having my 3rd daughter I suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety.  It had me questioning my ability to be a good mom and in a constant state of internal overwhelm….and yet on the outside it looked like everything was fine.  I was lucky that I had the amount of support that I did and was able to heal using a holistic approach that addressed my physical, mental and spiritual health.    

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Resiliency Check List for Moms

I got some amazing feedback on the blog post that I wrote back in May regarding how to know whether your teen is resilient.  I also heard that moms wanted more information about cultivating resiliency for themselves.  Our goals in life should include learning how to be strong and resourceful in the face of adversity, because I promise you there will be challenges in your life.  Most often though, it's when we are able to overcome these challenges that we find our calling or they force us to grow into better humans. 

When we are resilient we are less anxious and depressed, because we trust that these challenges are showing up FOR us.  We don't worry about what is coming or get trapped in a cycle of beating ourselves up for what we did in the past.  Resilient people know that they can handle anything, they know how to get support and they choose to live in the present moment only using the past to learn from their mistakes.

Please take a few minutes to document where you are in terms of resiliency.  If you click on the image below you will be able to save it as a PDF so that you can track how you and your kids are doing.  Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!