Do you have a child or teen who is struggling with anxiety or fears?

Do you suffer from anxiety, fear or issues around self worth?

Are you ready to experience more peace of mind, more joy and more satisfaction in your life?


I am deeply honored that you are here. 

If you had told me 25 years ago that I would be supporting families to thrive I never would have believed you.  I was the girl who changed the channel when Oprah went from interviewing movie stars to finding her spirit.  

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Then my anxiety got the best of me.  REALLY.  It got me to a place that I didn’t want to leave the house, I had constant stomach issues and worried that every minor ache or pain was proof that death was right around the corner.  I thought my anxiety could not get any worse; then I had my 1st daughter.  My anxiety now included worrying about her and fearing what the future was going to bring. 

I hit a wall and I had enough of suffering.

Then the gifts of mindful living, journaling, EFT and human design entered my awareness.  These tools transformed my life and the lives of many others.   I believe that they can do the same thing for you and your children.  I now live without fear, with deep compassion for myself, my family, and the rest of humanity, and feel both ease and excitement about the direction of my life; open to every experience (well 97% of the time).

I know that you have so many things going on in your life and it can be overwhelming to figure out what kind of support is going to bring the most benefit to you and your family.   I bet you just want to feel good about your day to day life, where you no longer worry about whether your child will be able to accomplish their goals and also feel happy.  

Every single service offered by The Mindful Family has been created to support you to reduce your anxiety so you can be the amazing person (and parent) you were put on this planet to be.

It is my intention to be your go-to place for cultivating more peace of mind in your family.  I do not have ALL of the answers but I am doing my best to be happy and healthy so that I can be role model to my children and this community.

You are not alone in this roller coaster of a journey.

If you are committed to supporting your anxious child to thrive we would like to extend a heartfelt invitation to learn more about the Thriving Mama Society or VIP Program.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to yourself and reading this letter.


Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW

Founder & CEO, The Mindful Family

She saved me!

Seeing Jennifer gave me the strength to advocate for myself and my son in a healthy calm manner. She taught me the tools to live a happy, healthy, and worry-free life again! She made me feel so comfortable and validated my feelings every single visit. She never made me feel like I was “crazy”. Instead she taught me tools to manage my anxiety, mindfully acknowledge my feelings and be my own advocate.
— C.C. Plainfield, NJ