About Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW, LCSW


 I'm Jennifer Bronsnick and I am an expert in the treatment and prevention of burnout & anxiety.

 I am passionate about helping children to grow and thrive and I believe that children are more likely to thrive when their mothers do.   

My clients often feel anxious, physically and emotionally depleted or just stressed out from the mental load of everything on their plate.  They long to be resilient and to feel joyful, calm & inspired.  I love supporting moms who are obsessed with personal growth and want most to be the BEST version of themselves.  

I have been supporting mothers and families for over 15 years and have served hundreds of people through my work in schools, hospitals and private practice.

Helping people to LOVE and take care of THEMSELVES, so they can feel confident and fully present in their lives is my souls purpose and the reason I do all that I do.  If you want to hear what other people are saying about my work feel free to jump over here.

If you are looking for a mentor who takes a holistic and outside the box approach to healing I would LOVE to chat with you to see if we would be a good fit.  Whether we work together 1-1 or you prefer group support my goal is to create a customized toolkit so that you learn how to be your own healer.

My resume includes....

  •  A Bachelor's in Psychology from Michigan State University & Masters in Social Work from New York University.
  • Certified Holistic Health Coach from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition.
  • Certified Parenting Coach &Human Design Specialist,
  • EFT, mindfulness & Reiki practitioner.
  • National Association of Social Workers certified clinical supervisor
  • Author of the books, Mindful Mommy: 10 Secrets for Healing Your Mind, Body and Spirit After Having a Baby and Thriving Mama Playbook and a children's book called Zoo Party
  • Past President of Postpartum Support International-New Jersey Chapter
  • Past host of The Mindful Family Radio 
  • Sought out speaker on the topics of Healing after Postpartum Depression, Thriving in Motherhood and Mindful Living.
  • Guest Expert on PBS Life and Living, News 12 and Steve Adubato
  • Wife and Mom to three girls under 9.

I am also "MOM" to three awesome girls and everything I do is to ensure they know they are loved, they are resilient, and they always follow their dreams.


When I am not with my family or supporting mamas you can find me chill-axing with other mompreneurs, at my favorite rowing class, listening to Audible while driving my kids around town with a Starbucks green tea with almond milk, experimenting with essential oils or obsessively studying about Human Design , Trauma Sensitive Yoga, EFT and other mindful healing tools.



Want to learn more about how we can work together?  


I offer a no pressure phone session where you get 15 minutes to share what is happening in your life. You get my focused mindful attention and if for some reason we aren't a good fit, I have a huge network and will find someone who can help.    How does that sound? 

 Schedule your time here or if you are ready to book your session please CLICK HERE to learn how I work.

Talk soon!


I would not be a good fit for you if you don't see the value of investing in your well-being, you want a therapist to listen to you complain about your life but you have no desire to make positive changes or if you have been previously diagnosed with a serious mental health condition (like Schizophrenia or a personality disorder) that requires more than once a week appointments.