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We are so glad you are here.  We would love to support you and your family to find balance, wholeness and health.  We know there are many resources that you could turn to and we are honored that you have chosen The Mindful Family.  Life (and motherhood) is full of twists and turns that require a community of support.  A village of other moms who have been there and who are also committed to being the best, most authentic version of themselves.  However, for some moms community is just not enough to get you where you want to be. If you feel this way we invite you to learn about how to get one-to-one support with Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW here.

If you have children in different age groups choose the community of moms that you would most like to connect with.  If you have more than one child you would probably benefit most from the every mama group even if you have a new baby.  

You are welcome to join as many groups as you like.  Please don't hesitate contact us if you have any questions.


New Mamas

Becoming a mom is life altering and can be one of the most stressful times in a woman's life.  When you join this community you will be able to access a FREE download of Mindful Mommy-10 Secrets for Healing your Mind, Body and Spirit After Having a Baby.  You will also be able to get support from other moms and Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW. 

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Every Mama

You have recovered from the postpartum period and now are in the thick of motherhood.  Maybe you are trying to figure out how to keep your sanity while raising a toddler or teen.  This group is a wonderful way to connect with other moms with similar challenges AND to also get support from moms who know just how you feel.  



Raising a family AND running a business is intense.  Mompreneurs often feel pulled in a million different directions and have a hard time dropping the guilt of either not showing up in their business or for their family.  Having an outlet for your passion can also be lifesaving.  If you are looking to find more balance in all your roles this might be the community for you.