Learn More about Human design

To support you in your journey The Mindful Family offers free classes and handouts so you can begin exploring Human Design.  This is only the tip of the iceberg of the amount of information that can be found in the chart.   We invite you to listen to the classes that call to you, sign up for a program and if you want to learn more schedule a 1-1 reading with a Human Design Specialist (like Jennifer) so you can get all the information you need to understand your unique energy and how to live the most authentic life possible.

Here are the links to our classes and programs that incorporate Human Design:

Human Design 101 (Coming in June 2016)

Your Aura Speaks Louder Than Words (Coming in June 2016)

Joyful Family Peaceful Home (Coming in June 2016)


Here are links to other sites where you can learn more about Human Design:

Human Design for Everyone 


We invite you to join our community if you would like to connect with other parents who are experimenting with the impact that understanding Human Design can have on your family.