Reiki for Moms-4 Week Class with Andrea Grace

Class Description of Shoden (First Degree)
This class is the first step in Reiki Healing Mastery. Reiki is a natural way to help you replenish and rejuvenate. Use Reiki on yourself, your family, pets, plants and even your car! Learn the history, energy centers and hand positions for self-treatment and giving Reiki to others. Reiki I is an excellent first step in taking care of yourself and others naturally and is a wonderful foundation for a spiritual practice, or complement to an existing spiritual practice. This class is a combination of lecture, discussion session, and hands-on workshop where brief and full treatment session is introduced.

  • Meaning of Reiki
  • Reiki History
  • Five Reiki principles
  • The seven essential Chakras
  • How illness manifests and how to get well
  • The Reiki Hand Positions for full and brief self-treatment sessions
  • Review
  • A Meditation to become one with Reiki
  • Individual attunements
  • Practice

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