Envision 2019


Envision 2019

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Let this be YOUR year!


Writing that best selling book.

Launching that sold-out program.

Speaking on a stage in front of hundreds.

Gracing the cover of a magazine naming you the leader in your market.

What’s on your business bucket list? Let’s dream together.

Join us for the first annual Envision Workshop in New Jersey.

Leading entrepreneurs, Jennifer Brosnick of The Mindful Family and Mallika Malhotra of MikiFoto + Co, are joining forces to create an inspirational and informative event for women to jumpstart their success in 2019.

The intimate, in-person half day workshop is all about unlocking your potential and taking action to make 2019 your best year yet. We will be tapping into your desires, setting big goals, designing a plan and getting a clear direction on the vision for your business. We will work on both mindset and strategy so that you feel energized to follow your dreams. Come join us for meditation, journaling, vision boarding and masterminding. All with the guidance of two experts and in the community of like minded, passionate, ambitious women. Also, there will be plenty of time for networking and some fun surprises along the way.

“You are never too old to set another goal, or dream a new dream.” - CS Lewis

Jennifer and Mallika chose the new property, The Archer Hotel as the perfect location for this event. Located in New Providence, NJ, this boutique hotel has a distinctive industrial chic style and modern vibe.


9:00: Doors open. Check-in, get your nametag and enjoy breakfast and networking with fellow goal-getters.

9:30: Morning begins with a warm welcome from Mallika and Jennifer.

10:00: Year in Review + Desire Visualization. Jen Brosnick will use her calming superpowers to help us gain a clear mind, audit 2018 and release the things that didn’t serve. She will help us tap into our desires and dreams with a journaling exercise and start planting the seeds for your best year yet.

11:00: Dream Boarding + Vision Statement. Mallika Malhotra will get your creative juices flowing with a fun vision board exercise where you will imagine your best 2019 through images. It’s time to get the dreams out of your head and heart and on to paper. She will inspire you to craft your fantasy vision statement describing the future you.

12:15: Your Next Big Idea. Pull from your newfound clarity and inspiring vision board, and list out all the juicy possibilities for your business. Can you even imagine where your wild ideas could take you?  Pick ONE audacious goal to pursue in 2019. Declare it, share it and move it from passion to project with the help of your peers.

1:30: That’s a Wrap! Leave with clarity, excitement and your next best steps. With your vision board and worksheets in hand, you will welcome 2019 with confidence and have one solid idea to pursue in the new year.

1:45: Headshot Quickies. For those who purchased and signed up for the headshot add-on, Mallika will be photographing you in the lobby.

Mallika Malhotra of MikiFoto + Co is a professional photographer, brand expert and author. She is on a mission to empower thousands of woman to be the face of their brand and share their message with confidence. She combines her strategy, storytelling and photography skills to help women in business move from invisible to impact and emerge as leaders in their industry. She loves to surround herself with passionate women and build tight communities. When she is not taking pictures or building brands, she is at home with her three sons and husband, drinking coffee or red wine and dreaming about their next global adventure. Find her on Instagram at @mikifotoco.

Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW is an author, speaker and entrepreneur who is on a mission to inspire women to make a powerful commitment to their self-care and personal growth. She has over 15 years of experience teaching individuals how to be present their lives and to build their resiliency, which is the foundation for true success. When she is am not with her family or supporting mamas you can find her chill-axing with other mompreneurs, at her favorite rowing class, listening to Audible while driving my kids around town with a Starbucks green tea with coconut milk, experimenting with essential oils or obsessively studying about Human Design , Trauma Sensitive Yoga, EFT and other mindful healing tools. You can find her on Instagram @thrivingmama_nj.

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