A mother is only as happy as her unhappiest child.
— Nicole Helget, Stillwater

When your child is struggling anxiety it breaks your heart and causes you to be in a constant state of stress.  They are suffering and you just want to take their pain away.

Worrying if they will have anxiety forever or if it means that something more serious is going on.   

Worrying about whether they will have friends who accept them.

Worrying about whether they will be able to handle a bad grade or another type of "failure". 

Worrying that over time this problem will become too much for them to manage or that they might have thoughts of self-harm or harming someone else. 

This is all WAY too much for anyone to  handle on their own.   

All moms just want their kids to be happy,  healthy and well adjusted.

Maybe you have tried all of the tricks suggested by Google to get rid of your child's issues but they  are still struggling.

Maybe you even tried jumping onto some of those mom support groups on Facebook or the web to see what other moms were saying, but noticed that either no one was responding or there were so many posts that you didn’t even know where to start.

Maybe worrying about your child is keeping you up at night or making it hard to focus during the day.

Then you are in the right place.   

I promise to teach YOU the exact tools that will help you build your child's resiliency and coping skills so that your family can get back to living a peaceful, joy-filled, and awesome life.   

You deserve to have support and access to the RIGHT information and resources.  

My name is Jennifer Bronsnick.  I have been working with children, adolescents and families for the last 15 years in hospitals, schools and private practice and spend thousands of hours learning about brain development, growth mindsets, mindfulness, Human Design, Emotional Freedom Technique and other healing strategies. Not only do I have professional training in mental and spiritual health (I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker), but I am also a mom of three children and have lived with anxiety myself. 

I get it. 

I know how painful suffering with anxiety or another mental health challenge is AND I know the tools that can help your child & family to thrive.  (You can read what people are saying about my work here.)

Jennifer is wonderful to work with. She helps you see your relationships with yourself and others in a positive light. Working with Jennifer has helped me to improve my communication with my children.
— Lauralee D. Mom of 3, NJ

Thriving Mama Society is a space for moms who want to be the best version of themselves in order to raise resilient kids. 

Moms who feel stressed, have really BAD days and are tired of keeping quiet about the challenges of motherhood.   

Moms who are open to out of the box healing tools like Human Design, EFT, and connecting to their inner guidance for wisdom & healing. 

Moms who just want to have peace of mind that their kids will be OK.  

I created The Thriving Mama Society so YOU don't feel overwhelmed or alone when it comes to your child's anxiety.   

This community is a safe space to learn new ideas, share your challenges, celebrate successes and reconnect to yourself so that you can feel confident in your abilities as a mother.


When you invest in the Thriving Mama Society you get access to experts (like Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW and others) in a private Facebook group who will be available for weekly LIVE video chats via Zoom, respond to your posts, address your concerns, and be there for support. 

You will also get my cell number in case there is ever a situation that you are really concerned about.    You will not have to figure this out on your own.




 I’m all about creating communities, cultivating deep connections and making time for YOU so that you can feel confident in your abilities as a mom.  You will never be just a number and you will feel a part of something bigger than yourself.  This is your chance to be a part of a sisterhood, a community of support, where you get to be yourself-dirty laundry and all.  That is what being a Thriving Mama is all about-loving and accepting ALL of yourself, while making growth a priority.  This mindset alone will have a powerful impact on your family's well-being.

You might be thinking that your investment for this type of support will be 100’s of dollars every month, but it is SUPER important to me that money is never a barrier for mothers who are willing to invest in taking care of themselves and their families. 

If you are ready for all this support in your life your investment is only $77/month (less than $20 a week) after an initial payment of $147.  There's no ongoing contract, just an honor system commitment of six months (because it takes time to learn these tools), plus 15% of your investment will be donated to the Todd Ouida Children's Foundation

This amazing organization, born out of the loss of a beloved son and brother, financially supports psychological services for children of families in need and promote mental health initiatives for all children, raises awareness and reduce the stigma of anxiety and depression disorders in children and provides contact information for those seeking help.

What Thriving Mama includes

  • Private Members Only Facebook Group where you can post any questions or concerns and get responses from experts as well as other members
  • Weekly Virtual or Live Meet-ups
  • Access to Jennifer Bronsnick's personal cell number in case of emergency
  • Ability to connect with other moms who are in the same boat
  • A bunch of AMAZING bonuses worth over $600!! (See below)
  • Peace of mind that you are NOT alone, you are the exact mother your child needs AND they will be ok

Content & support calendar

EVERY Monday is Mindful Monday - Facebook Live
Guided Meditation and Inspiration to start the week off right

Second Wednesday @ 12pm - 60 minute call
Parenting By Design- Bring your parenting questions and challenges. 

Third Thursday @10am - 60 minute call
Cultivating a Growth Mindset for yourself & child, Building Resiliency & other healing tools

Last Tuesday @10am - 60 minute call
Expert Content Call based on current Member Desires and Challenges or small group masterminding

 We will be using Zoom to connect so that we can see one another.  Anyone on the calls will have time to share, ask questions and get support. Only the content NOT personal shares will be recorded, so if you can't make it you can ask questions for clarification on our Facebook page. 

All of our calls will be during the day between 9am and 3pm.  The times listed are not set in stone and will be adjusted based on member availability.


Bonus 1: A 60 minute private session with me, Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW ($200 value), + my cellphone number in case of an emergency (priceless).

Bonus 2:  LIVE Monthly meet-up at my beautiful space in Avalon Wellness Center.  ($50 value)

Bonus 3: Welcome Gift that includes Human Design Charts for your entire Family. ($75 value)

Bonus 4:  Immediate access to the Thriving Mama Self-Guided Program where you will build upon your resiliency and capacity for self-compassion. This includes an E-Book and Course page that includes classes and meditations.  ($300 value)

Bonus 5: A discount on any additional private sessions ($75 value)

No mother should ever feel alone or that she doesn’t have an expert to talk to when she has a question or concern.

The Thriving Mama Society is a way for you to access the support you need to reduce your anxiety and give you peace of mind that your children will grow up happy and healthy.

If this invitation is making you feel like a big weight has been lifted off your shoulders then say “Yes!” and  Click HERE right now to take the first step in joining the Thriving Mama Society.    

 Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


P.S. This group is open to EVERY type of mom who believes that her child is struggling with anxiety, phobias/fears, OCD or any other type of anxiety related challenge.  You are invited no matter what your religion, sexual orientation, marital status, race or gender identity is.  You are invited whether you are a gestational mom, adoptive mom, or step-mom.  The ONLY prerequisite is that you identify yourself as somebody's "Mom".