Hey Mama!

We expect moms to adjust gracefully to motherhood,  juggle multiple schedules, manage screen time, not yell too much, keep a clean home, cook organic homemade meals, maintain friendships, plan date night and of course look awesome doing it all.  WTF!!  When you add in the shame we feel for admitting that we're overwhelmed and tired of carrying this enormous weight, it can lead to a majorly stressed out mama.

We ALL could use more support, fewer expectations and less stress.  Am I right?

I don’t want moms to feel overwhelmed and alone ANYMORE.  The Thriving Mama Society is a sisterhood and safe space to mess up together, celebrate your successes and reconnect to yourself.  There is way too much information out there on what we 'should' be doing as moms.  In Thriving Mama Society you will have a space to integrate what you already know and feel confident that your making the best decisions for your family AND yourself.

Thriving Mama Society is a space for moms who are passionate about being the best version of themselves and raising resilient kids.  Moms who want to leave the world better than they entered it.  Moms who still have really BAD days and are tired of keeping quiet about the challenges of motherhood.  Moms who care about BOTH giving and receiving. Moms who are open to out of the box tools like Human Design, EFT, and connecting to their inner guidance for wisdom & healing.


When you invest in the Thriving Mama Community you get access to experts (like Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW and others) in a private Facebook group who will be available for weekly LIVE video chats via Zoom, respond to your posts, address your concerns, and be there for support. 



Did I mention that this group will NEVER be more than 100 moms? I’m all about intimate communities, creating deep connections and making time for YOU.  You will never be just a number and you will feel a part of something bigger than yourself.  This is your chance to be a part of a sisterhood, a community of support, where you get to be yourself-dirty laundry and all.  That is what being a Thriving Mama is all about-loving and accepting ALL of yourself, while making growth a priority.


It can be really hard to make time for wellness, personal growth and self-care with all the things you have going on in your life.  I totally get it.  I’m offering you a solution by providing virtual support via Facebook and video chats from the comfort of your home.  NO commuting.  NO rushing to pick up from school or daycare.  NO juggling childcare.  Get the support you desire on your terms AND a space to support other Mamas.


You might be thinking that your investment for this type of support will be 100’s of dollars every month, but it is SUPER important to me that money is never a barrier for mothers who are willing to invest in taking care of themselves.  No mother should ever feel alone, or like she doesn’t have an expert to talk to who can help answer her questions. The Thriving Mama Society is a way to end isolation, learn new ideas and increase support: anywhere, anytime. 

The best part is that until we reach 50 members your investment is only $37 a month (less than $2 a day) AND 25% of that will be donated to organizations who help moms who REALLY need it.  Not only will you get to be a part of a special community, but you will help to make improvements in the lives of moms who are struggling just to keep food on the table and their children safe.

If this invitation is making you feel like a big weight has been lifted off your shoulders then say “Yes!”.  Click HERE right now to activate your membership.   We are officially launching in October, but the minute you join you get access to our Facebook group, a digital copy of my book Mindful Mommy: 10 Secrets for Healing Your Mind, Body and Spirit After Having a Baby AND lifetime access to my Thriving Mama Quick Start program, which includes Human Design Charts for your partner and children.

 Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

P.S  Here is a sample calendar of our Video Chat Calls.  Anyone on the calls will have time to share, ask questions and get support. They will all be recorded so if you can't make it you can ask questions or for clarification on our Facebook page:


First Monday
Mindful Monday.  Guided Meditation and Monthly Intention Setting

Second Friday
Parenting By Design- Bring your parenting questions and Challenges. 

Third Wednesday
Networking and Career Growth

Fourth Thursday
Expert Call based on current Member Desires and Challenges

We will also have one IN PERSON LIVE Meet-up Monthly for those of you
located near Morristown, NJ at my beautiful space in Avalon Wellness Center.