I know you are tired.  

Tired of your never ending to do list and never feeling appreciated. 

Tired of choosing between the stress of doing too much and the guilt of not doing enough.

Tired of being responsible for everyone else's schedule and well-being.

When you combine your lack of "me time" with raising a highly sensitive child or one with a challenging temperament, it creates a cycle of overwhelm, guilt, and never feeling good enough.

Maybe you worry that you are messing up your children, because you find yourself with a short fuse and are maxed out on patience.

You wish you had that proverbial village they say it takes to raise a child, along with a handbook written on how to raise YOUR child (and not anyone else’s!)

You’re living in daily survival mode, and ready for SO MUCH MORE out of life!


This is all WAY too much for anyone to figure on their own.   

You are in the right place.   

I've got you Mama. 


I promise to teach YOU the exact tools that will help you recover from burnout, build your resiliency and coping skills so that YOU and your family can get back to living a peaceful, joy-filled, and awesome life.   

These tools will also be essential to running a thriving business or making the contribution you are meant to share with the world. 

In other words, being burned out is impacting EVERY part of your life and when you heal the magic can really happen!

I also know that the role most important to you is your role as a mom.

This is why I will teach you about the essence of your child's unique energy signature (aka Human Design) and how to parent them effectively & with love.  Having this information is like being handed the instruction manual you wish you had been given when he or she was born.


Thriving Mama is a system that addresses Your Well-Being, Your Relationships, AND Your Life Purpose.  


I’m spinning with new ideas, perspectives, and thoughts on how I can parent better. By learning about my families Human Design types, I gained more insight on how I could strengthen my relationship with my kids by understanding who we are individually and what we most need from each other to thrive.

You deserve to have support and access to the RIGHT information and resources.  



My name is Jennifer Bronsnick.  I am an imperfect mother of three daughters and have lived with anxiety my whole life.  I am proof that you can live an amazing life, full of joy, fun, peace, pleasure AND be afraid.  I also know how easy it is to let motherhood burn you out, so you forgot that you actually enjoy being a mom.

I get it.   

I have been working with children, adolescents and families for the last 15 years in hospitals, schools and private practice and spent thousands of hours learning about brain development, growth mindsets, mindfulness, Human Design, Emotional Freedom Technique and other healing strategies.

Not only do I have professional training in mental and spiritual health (I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker), but I am 100% committed to teaching others how to be their own healers and to have the tools to THRIVE in every area of their lives.

(You can read what people are saying about my work here.)

Jennifer is wonderful to work with. She helps you see your relationships with yourself and others in a positive light. Working with Jennifer has helped me to improve my communication with my children.

Thriving Mama Society is a membership community for moms who want to be the best version of themselves in order to raise resilient kids. 

Moms who.....

FEEL STRESSED, have really BAD days and are tired of keeping quiet about how exhausting motherhood can be.   

ARE OPEN TO LEARNING healing tools like Human Design, EFT, and connecting to their inner guidance for wisdom & healing. 

WANT DAILY REMINDERS that taking care of themselves is taking care of their families and are ready to let go of any guilt connected to putting their needs first.

LOVE receiving support in groups or learning from collective wisdom and experience.

KNOW they are on this planet to make a contribution; either through a side hustle, full time work or volunteering.

WANT SUPPORT at a price point that feels comfortable

WANT TO FEEL confident that they are doing what is right for their children and also enjoy being with them.

LONG for peace of mind that their kids will be OK.  


I created The Thriving Mama Society so YOU don't feel overwhelmed or alone, ever again.



This community is a safe space to learn new ideas, share your challenges, celebrate successes and reconnect to yourself so that you can feel confident in your abilities as a mother.  

Thriving Mama offers you true access to learning — not just another course that you feel guilty about never finishing. 

My commitment is to create a membership community where you will never be just a number and you will feel a part of something bigger than yourself.  This is your chance to be a part of a sisterhood, a community of support, where you get to be yourself-dirty laundry and all.  That is what being a Thriving Mama is all about-loving and accepting ALL of yourself, while making growth a priority.  



Working Jennifer gave me the strength to advocate for myself and my son in a healthy calm manner. She taught me the tools to live a happy, healthy, and worry-free life again! She made me feel so comfortable and validated my feelings every single visit.

Membership Investment:

In Thriving Mama Society you are getting access to me (Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW) & occasional visiting experts.  I am a Licensed Therapist, a Parent Coach, EFT practitioner, Holistic Health Coach and fellow Mama. 

To invest in all of these services separately would cost your family $1000's each month. 

Your investment in yourself and your family in Thriving Mama is NO WHERE NEAR that amount, because it is very important to me that this type of support is accessible to moms who need it the most.

If you feel that you could benefit from this support, but this level of financial commitment would be a hardship for your family (ie you couldn't put food on the table, NOT you couldn't go to Starbucks); Please let me know when you fill out the application and  I will do everything I can to ensure you have access to this community.


Thriving Mama Membership is only $47 a month AND you can cancel or upgrade at anytime. The first 20 moms who join and use the coupon code "mindfulmom" will have their membership amount reduced to $27/month.


Plus, 15% of your investment will be donated to the Todd Ouida Children's FoundationThis amazing organization, born out of the loss of a beloved son and brother, financially supports psychological services for children of families in need and promote mental health initiatives for all children, raises awareness and reduce the stigma of anxiety and depression disorders in children and provides contact information for those seeking help.

What Thriving Mama Membership includes

  • Private Members Only Facebook Group where you can post any questions or concerns and get responses from experts as well as other members
  • Virtual or Live Meet-ups and Classes that are saved in our members only classroom
  • Ability to connect with other moms who are in the same boat and access the collective wisdom of other amazing and smart women
  •  AMAZING bonuses (See below)
  • Peace of mind that you are NOT alone, you can heal, you are the exact mother your child needs AND they will be ok
  • The ability to go at your own pace and access to curated resources that address your specific concerns


Open Enrollment for Thriving Mama runs from February 1st-March 31st.  

The Thriving Mama System

In Thriving Mama you might be working on different phases at the same time, but in a way that you never feel overwhelmed.  Some weeks you may need to focus more on healing yourself, others it will be more beneficial to address the needs of your children or your professional development.  It is a perfect dance and all you have to do is trust that you will receive the exact information you need at the right time.


Phase 1: Learn about YOUR Unique Energy Signature for Well-Being and Heal your Mind, Body and Spirit from Burnout

Phase 2: Understand Child's Unique Energy Signature for Well-Being and Uncover the Root Cause of "Misbehavior" or anxiety.  Feel more Confident in your Role as a Mother and Raise Resilient Children.

Phase 3: Create a Lifestyle that you LOVE; Where You, Your Child, and Your Relationships are THRIVING

Phase 4: Share your Journey and Successes with Friends, Family and New Thriving Mamas to Deepen your Level of Understanding and Commitment to Growth


Support Calendar

EVERY Monday is Mindful Monday
Guided Meditation or EFT Exercise and Inspiration to start the week off right


  • Two LIVE Parent Coaching Calls Each Month
  • One LIVE Business Coaching/Passion Planning Call Each Month
  • One LIVE Life/Health Coaching Call Each Month



One Monthly Masterclass.  All classes will be recorded and saved in member area.

February - Healing from Burnout

March -Parenting By Design-Raising Resilient Children  

April - EFT 101 

May- Cultivating a Growth Mindset for yourself & child

Other topics include....

  • Building Resiliency & other healing tools
  • Understanding Your Unique Energy Signature
  • Expert Content Call based on current Member Desires and Challenges

 We will be using Zoom to connect so that we can see one another.  Anyone on the calls will have time to share, ask questions and get support. Only the content NOT personal shares will be recorded, so if you can't make it you can ask questions for clarification on our private, members only Facebook page. 

All of our calls will be during the day between 9am and 3pm EST.  


Bonus #1:  Human Design Charts for your entire family. The gift you receive from understanding Human Design is self compassion and compassion for others. When we stop taking everything personally and communicate with others in a way that makes them feel truly heard, our life and relationships get so much better in a very short period of time. (Priceless)

Bonus #2:  Immediate access to the Thriving Mama: 10 Secrets for Healing Your Mind, Body and Spirit from Burnout, where you will assess your level of burnout and build upon your capacity for self-compassion.

Bonus #3:   Immediate and lifetime access to the Thriving Mama Playbook Program, where you will build upon your resiliency and get deep clarity about the kind of mother you long to be.


A Special Bonus!  One 45 minute phone strategy session with Jennifer, where we can talk about business, parenting, burnout, or healing. Any topic is fair game!


No mother should ever feel alone or that she doesn’t have an expert to talk to when she has a question or concern.

The Thriving Mama Society is a way for you to access the care you need to reduce your anxiety and give you peace of mind that your children will grow up happy, healthy, and resilient.


If this invitation is making you feel like a big weight has been lifted off your shoulders then say “Yes!”

 Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!



P.S. This group is open to EVERY type of mom who longs for more peace of mind and resiliency.  You are invited no matter what your religion, sexual orientation, marital status, race or gender identity is.  You are invited whether you are a gestational mom, adoptive mom, or step-mom.  The ONLY prerequisite is that you identify yourself as somebody's "Mom".