Thriving Mama VIP

For Moms who.......

ARE READY to make a financial investment in their families future.

LOVE getting curated products and services to enhance their level of well-being.

LOVE high touch support.


LOVE the flexibility of scheduling sessions when it's convenient for them, because of their busy schedule.

DON'T enjoy being in Facebook groups or having group sessions.

ARE READY to heal their bodies, minds and spirit.

LONG to enjoy parenthood, marriage and themselves.

Let's create the Life You Desire in Five Mindful Steps:


FIRST, After a thorough assessment I will create a custom essential oil blend trio to address any physical, spiritual or emotional healing that we need to address. 

You will also receive a custom vitamin supplementation package to support your physical well-being and infuse your body so that you have energy, mental clarity and you will overcome the sluggishness that leaves you exhausted by the end of the day.

Plus, additional products or services that I feel will enhance your healing journey.

SECOND, uncover your unique energy blueprint, which is calculated using your day and time of birth.  This will allow you to understand how to leverage your energy to avoid future burnout, have greater compassion, clarity AND better relationships with your loved ones.

THIRD, learn to develop the inner awareness and tools for living free from prolonged anxiety or depression so you will no longer feel paralyzed by stress.  These include mindfulness meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique, and self-healing modalities.

FOURTH, twelve private phone or in person sessions with Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW will give you the space you need to heal,  connect with your deepest desires and strategize about creating a life of abundance, well-being and joy.

FIFTH, embrace the transformations happening in your life including greater peace of mind, resiliency against stress and increased joy, which will ripple out to your children, your partner,  your friends and extended family so that they also benefit from all the inner work you are doing.