Will Your Kids Be Safe This Summer?

Even while I’ve been getting to know my 3rd little girl and enjoying my maternity leave I have still been following what’s trending in the news and on my Facebook newsfeed. First, I saw that a lot of moms in a neighboring towns FB page were posting about a man who had been spotted attempting to lure children at a local park to him by using a puppy.  Then, the news broke about Josh Duggar molesting his sisters as a teenager.

What I find really interesting is that the media plays a huge role in telling us what we should be worried about.  It is a BIG story when a child is kidnapped because thankfully it doesn’t happen every day. In actuality 3/4ths of kidnappings are committed by family members or acquaintances of the child (usually a parent) and the majority of missing children are runaways who left to flee abusive parents and living situations.  Ironically it’s the things that don’t make it in the news that we should worry about and take actions to keep our family safe.

Should you teach your child about strangers, OF COURSE, but make sure you also remember that your kids are more likely to be hurt by someone you know and injured at the pool, in a car accident or in your own home.

Here are a few tips to keep your kids safe, healthy and happy this summer.

1.      Get your child swim lessons and teach your kids water safety

2.     Buckle your child in a proper car seat and make sure your older kids are buckled the up. 

3.     Teach your child what to do if they are lost and stranger safety (check out this article if you need some tips http://www.parents.com/kids/safety/stranger-safety/rules-for-stranger-safety/ )

4.     Keep your child hydrated and teach them to drink water if they are in the sun, especially if they have been swimming in the pool.

5.     Keep your medications where your children do not have access to them, especially your teenagers

6.     Teach your children to stay away from the stove, even when it’s not on. 

7.     Most importantly…..Do a lot of fun things together that you both enjoy, so that when you want to teach them something that will keep them safe they will listen to you.

Please feel free to share in the comments what you have planned this summer!  We would love to hear your suggestions.

Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW, LCSW is passionate about supporting moms to be resilient. As a mother of three daughters under 8 and a survivor of postpartum depression and anxiety Jennifer knows exactly how challenging motherhood can be. She also knows that there is hope for all of us and with accurate information, support and inspiration that mothers and families can thrive.

Jennifer’s years of clinical experience as a social worker and her own personal journey gives her the unique ability to guide other moms on their path to health and wellness. You can also learn more about Jennifer, the services she offers and purchase her books on maternal self-care at www.themindfulfamily.com/jennifer.