Having a great summer!

We’ve got that spirit!!  Boom Chica Rocka Chica Rocka Chicka Boom! 

This has been the sound of my home this summer and it has been amazing.

There is nothing better than your children getting up in the morning excited to go to camp and not wanting to leave when you go to pick them up.

Nope I don’t feel any sadness that they don’t miss me. I am thrilled that they are having such a great time at camp!

They even refused to take off their camp shirts in the bath!!

If you are still looking for a camp to fill the last few weeks of summer I highly recommend Oasis.  They have camps is a number of locations and only hire college age young people.  In addition to offering many fun activities their philosophy that everyone gets in the mess and models participation is one of the values I hold dear.

  Kids learn how to behave by watching us, NOT from us telling them to do things.  I love that my daughters are surrounded by so many positive role models this summer!

Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW, LCSW is passionate about supporting moms to be resilient. As a mother of three daughters under 8 and a survivor of postpartum depression and anxiety Jennifer knows exactly how challenging motherhood can be. She also knows that there is hope for all of us and with accurate information, support and inspiration that mothers and families can thrive.

Jennifer’s years of clinical experience as a social worker and her own personal journey gives her the unique ability to guide other moms on their path to health and wellness. You can also learn more about Jennifer, the services she offers and purchase her books on maternal self-care at www.themindfulfamily.com/jennifer.