Damn You Starbucks

Updates since this post was originally written in 2013-  Starbucks must have received my tweet and have brought back my favorite pumpkin bread.  Yay!

So far September has been a major readjustment time for me.  We had the Jewish holidays, then my mom moved in with us, and today when I got to Starbucks to get my Iced Green Tea with soymilk and splurge on a piece of pumpkin bread I learned that they switched baking companies and would no longer be carrying it. 

Here’s what happened in my mind as I processed through the 5 Stages grief about the loss of my favorite treat for myself.

Denial:  Wait, I think I read a sign the last time I was here that they were getting new pastries, but I figured they would still carry the old ones. Maybe they have some more in back or maybe they would give me the recipe so I can make it at home. 

After learning that, “no” they do not have any leftovers and they don’t give out the recipe.

Anger:  How could they get rid of my favorite dessert?!  I tweet at Starbucks that I am mad at them for discontinuing MY treat.  How could they keep some stuff, like Cakepops that you can make at home and get rid of pumpkin bread, that although it’s not that healthy at least it has pumpkin in it. There must be some vitamins in there!

Bargaining:  “Are you sure they are not going to bring back the old stuff?  What if no one likes the NEW pumpkin cream cheese loaf?

Depression:  My favorite Starbucks treat.  I am never going to have it ever again.  I wish that I had really paid attention to that sign so I would have got a piece and savored it last week.  I’ll never taste that moist cake or those delicious pumpkin seeds again. 

As I leave the store and walk to my car with my Green Tea…

Acceptance:  Well at least I still have my favorite drink.  Actually it is probably for the best that I can’t have pumpkin bread as often as I was.  It was pretty unhealthy and I am sure I can find something else as a special treat that I like just as much. I will always think fondly of that pumpkin bread and savor the times we shared together.  Like the time I ate some as I sat outside with Savanna after taking a walk and when I would sit at my desk and relax before a client showed up and when I was late for a meeting after missing lunch and pumpkin bread kept me going.  Those were good times.  Thank you Starbucks for carrying Pumpkin Bread as long as you did.  I will forever keep you in my memories.

We all lose things, people leave, and life is forever changing and shifting.  When we hold on to how things were we lose the opportunity to open our hearts to new experiences and even a better life.  The key is to have gratitude for the time that we did have and to allow all of the feelings that come with grief to move THROUGH us.


How do you feel like you are doing around coping with change in your life?


Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW, LCSW is passionate about supporting moms to be resilient. As a mother of three daughters under 8 and a survivor of postpartum depression and anxiety Jennifer knows exactly how challenging motherhood can be. She also knows that there is hope for all of us and with accurate information, support and inspiration that mothers and families can thrive.

Jennifer’s years of clinical experience as a social worker and her own personal journey gives her the unique ability to guide other moms on their path to health and wellness. You can also learn more about Jennifer, the services she offers and purchase her books on maternal self-care at www.themindfulfamily.com/jennifer.