Contemplations from the Nursery Room Floor

I can’t believe it has been 5 years and 2 more kids since I wrote this post. It has shown me that this mindful living is f-ing hard and that the gift is really being able to be in every moment. Whether an experience is judged as good or bad they are all welcome to show up. Each is an opportunity for self reflection, courage, compassion, joy, peace, and love. While I have learned and grown so much since this moment I am no where near done.
— xoxo Jennifer

7:30- Bath

7:45-Bottle (no judging)

7:48-Cuddle time

8:00- Crib and lullaby

8:02-"Mama you just sit a while".  "Ok, Mady, just for a few minutes, Mommy is very sleepy and needs a good night's rest so we can play tomorrow".

8:05-Mady in crib singing and playing.  Mommy lying on the floor ignoring Mady's questions while attempting to meditate, "Just focus on your breathe...feel your tummy rising and falling..accept whatever thoughts come to mind...just be in the moment without judgement".

8: 20-  Mady, "Mama, Mama?  Are you still there Mama?"

"Shhh, Yes Mady".  Then the mind begins to race. Is she getting sick?  Oh not with the holiday this week!  Did she have too much sugar today?  Did her Daddy play with her too much before bed?

Mady (Singing sweetly), "Go to sleep, go to sleep, my dear Mama.  I love you. I love you. I will see you in the morning".


This exchange, which also included me leaving the room, sending in her dad, Mady screaming her head off, a second bottle, and 3 more dolly's went on until 9:30pm when she finally was too exhausted to fight sleep one more minute.  In my attempts to meditate on her bedroom floor, I had moments where I could accept my frustration with what was happening.  I accepted that I was not going to have my 2 hours to myself to read, relax and catch up on Vampire Diaries or Grey's and I was ok.  I was not suffering because I wanted things to be different than they were in the moment.  However, on just the other side of my peace were the competing thoughts of, "Just go to sleep MADY!!!", "I really want to be in my own bed", and "What am I going to do when I have another baby in 4 months?"

One of the most difficult tasks of life is to remain in the present moment and the same time accepting things as they are- Not thinking about what the future entails, not wanting to be somewhere else, or feel something different.  Our minds like to be stimulated, however most of the really meaningful moments occur between the activity-when we are able to go into stillness and just be.

I am not an expert meditator, but I do intend to keep on practicing and looking for the quiet moments, like those spent on the nursery floor. 





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