Interview with Kim Calichio-The Connected Chef

One of my biggest parenting struggles is around meal planning and getting my three kids to eat healthy.  I feel like a lot of this guilt comes up because I am a certified health coach and I know exactly what is healthy for my kids to eat.  Yet on most days I say, fuck it; and give them what they actually will eat, which is pretty much chicken nuggets 5 days a week.  Of course, I want to do better AND I don’t want to waste food.  As much as I hate when my kids eat junk, there is nothing that drives me crazy more than throwing away perfectly good food.

Thank god one of my superpowers is knowing when something isn’t working and asking for help; so I reached out to my friend, Kim Calichio owner of the Connected Chef.  I knew that Kim could offer me some insights on why this isn’t working and how to make meal time with kids a bit more mindful and joyful.   I actually had a huge ah ha moment when we talked about picky eaters and why kids are fearful about trying new foods.  If getting your kids into the kitchen and eating better interests you I invite you to check connect with Kim at and check out our chat below.  Kim also teaches us how to hold a knife correctly…you don’t want to miss that right?!