My Tuesday Truth

I run a group for moms, called The Mindful Mompreneurs.  It’s a space for moms to connect, celebrate successes and get comfort in the face of failures.  Every Tuesday we share our truth in the moment or in our life.  The hard stuff.  The ugly stuff.  The stuff that weighs in our hearts.  

We share our truths so that we can be free.  This is the inspiration for me writing this.  To be free.

Here goes nothing….

Until last week I have been SUFFERING with anxiety and maybe mild depression.  I have lived with anxiety my whole life, but I have rarely suffered because of it. 

It is really hard for me to admit because my whole business is about helping moms with THEIR anxiety, so they don’t have to suffer.  

I was constantly asking myself, “How can I possibly help others with something I haven’t figured out myself?” 

I was convinced that this anxiety was different than I have had in past.  It showed up as heart palpitations and feeling like I wanted to crawl out of my skin.  I was convinced that I had Lyme disease, heart failure or my gut wasn’t healthy.   I stopped drinking any alcohol and I had no desire to do anything outside my comfort zone. 

I became obsessed with figuring this out.  All I wanted was to feel better.  To get some relief.  To feel peaceful.

I had A LOT of labs done.  I went to the cardiologist.  I became my own healer.

For those of you who have had panic attacks before you know what I am talking about, right?  Heart pounding, racing thoughts, FEAR, and other physical sensations make it impossible to focus on anything outside of your internal experience. 

You would do anything to make it stop to reclaim your peace.  You almost wish that you had a REAL fear that your body was responding to in order to make sense of it all. But there is no bear…there is no danger…it’s just your survival mechanism kicking in and kicking your ass.

As I write this I feel soooo much better.  Anxiety is a HUGE motivator and I am actually grateful that it showed up again for me because it made me remember the behaviors that I MUST take in order to keep my anxiety (and my mindset about anxiety) at a manageable level.

Here are the tools that I used to heal my mind, body, and spirit so that I am no longer suffering from anxiety, at least today.

1.    CBD Oil

CBD Oil is now legal in all 50 states (yay!). I had heard good things from a few friends and was willing to try ANYTHING.  I didn’t want to feel high, so this was a perfect solution for me.  I LOVE it.  You can learn more about CBD and Anxiety HERE


If you want to try CBD for yourself, you can purchase HERE

2.    Custom Vitamin Cocktail with Vitamin D, B vitamins, and Magnesium

Unless you are taking a high-quality vitamin, there is no way that you can get everything you need from your diet.  This is especially true for Vitamin D.  I use Isotonix vitamins because they are easily utilized by the body and the B vitamins are methylated so that they can be absorbed by everyone.  Purchase vitamins HERE.

3.    Omega-3s

The only ones that I can tolerate are doTERRA EOmega.  They don’t taste fishy at all and have an extra dose of vitamin D.  Omegas are great for heart health and inflammation.  ALL disease is either because of or made worse by having chronic inflammation.

4.    Exercise Daily

I ride the bike in my basement on most days and then head to Jolie for rowing once a week.  Exercise is not only good for my heart, but cardio can help to get GABA to your brain and nervous system to help with a feeling of relaxation.  Plus it helps me stay in the same size jeans :)

5.    Hydrate

I tried to keep my caffeine intake down and added extra water.   I couldn’t give up my daily cup of chai tea because it brings me so much pleasure, but I made sure I only used 1 teabag to keep the dose down.  If you are experiencing anxiety it is essential that you reduce caffeine and alcohol.

6.    EFT and Meditation

I did tapping on most days to clear anything physically, emotionally or spiritually that might have been causing my panic.  I also went to bed each night listening to Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson.  If you want to try tapping check out this video I made for one of my groups.  (Skip to about 55 seconds in)

7.    Keep Blood Sugar Stable

I started eating every 3 hours and including protein in all my meals and snacks.  When our blood sugar gets too low our brain starts freaking out because it thinks we might be starving...which would eventually lead to dying.  This creates the fight flight response in our body to motivate us to find food.  Want to avoid it?  Just eat at regular times.


If you are currently struggling with anxiety, please have hope that it can get better. There are some holistic strategies that you can use to heal or manage your symptoms.   All of the actions I took were things that I had been doing in the past and just “forgot” to keep them as a habit.  After the last 2 months of suffering, I will never “forget” again.

About the Author

Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW is an expert in the field of treatment and prevention of maternal burnout and anxiety.  She is on a mission to help children to grow and thrive, by supporting their mothers to be resilient and mindful. 


Click HERE to schedule a Burnout to Bliss Strategy session if you want to put an end to your anxiety or start a conversation about your healing journey.