Feeling Anxious? Read This Before You Fill a Prescription

“It’s May 10, 2018, and the weather is perfect.  Aside from getting a speeding ticket on the way to a conference held by my coach, I am feeling pretty good.  The morning is filled with hands on learning, connections with inspiring people and I have taken pages of notes on the things that I hope to accomplish in my business.  The clock hits noon and it’s time to gather for lunch.  The display of food is stunning and I can’t wait to share a meal with a friend who I hadn’t met IRL before today.  She is the kind of woman that the minute you connect in person it’s like you’ve known her for years.  I take the first bite of my grilled chicken salad and suddenly the world begins to close in.  My heart is racing. I feel like I could faint or throw up.  I really just want to curl up under the table and wait for this tortuous feeling to pass.  I think I might be dying. I also don’t want to humiliate myself or admit that something is wrong with me.  Admit that I struggle with anxiety and panic attacks.  The good news is that just as quickly as it came on it left, but the feeling of fear about whether another attack was around the corner was my constant companion throughout the rest of the day. “

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