Lisa Presley - Mindful Mompreneur Spotlight

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Name: Lisa Presley

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Why did you choose to pursue a business? 

I had been a massage therapist for fourteen years and was getting mentally burned out and physically run down. I wanted to be proactive and make a career change before my body shut down.

When I was thinking of new career, the factors that were very important to me were: being available to my son's schedule, a business where I could continue to evolve, and accomplishing my love of feeling like I'm helping the world be a better place.

I had a friend that owned her own business and she was telling me how in need of support most business owners are and the light bulb went off in my head! I could have all the career desires I want if I started my own VA business supporting women business owners through taking the organizational, logistic, back end task off their plate!!!

How many children do you have? How do you make time for your biz and family? 

I have one seven year old son. <3

It is a constant balancing act of making quality, mindful time with work and family. The biggest thing that has helped me balance is making myself a priority. By knowing that I have a very important role in my business and family it made me realize I HAVE to take care of myself to continue juggling all that I do. It has also helped me listen to my natural body/emotional rhythms and develop a schedule around that.

A routine and schedule are the second most important tool I have in balancing. When my son is at school I stopped procrastinating and started working... I found I was able to get a lot of quality work done so then when I was with my son I could really be present with him.

In what way are you making the world a better place?: I'm making the world a better place by assisting women make their business dreams because a even more powerful reality.

What advice would you give to another mom who is afraid of pursuing her dreams?

 I would tell them to really dig deep into their fear... why and what are they scared of? Once you know why you are holding yourself back you can decide if you want to work through it or walk away.

Also, you're going to need a strong support group. Some days are soooooo amazing and I feel like magic and some days are soooooo hard and I second guess myself and without my support group I would give in to the negative thoughts.

Finally, you can do this!!!!! Really!!!!

How do you incorporate mindfulness into your life?

 For me mindfulness is a lifestyle. It means staying out of my over thinking head and being in my body so I stay present to what is actually going on in front of me.

Everyday I have morning and night rituals of a grateful list, setting my intentions for the day, and taking time to just be.
Also, I have developed tools when I do find myself overthinking on how to pull myself back to the present.

If you knew that you could not fail, what BIG dream do you have for your life?

I want it all. I want a THRIVING business, family life, romantic life, friend life, adventures, and happy/healthy son.

I'd love to have my own team of high quality VAs/OBMs, where I outsource work and I continue to take on more clients so my magic can be spread further across the world.

Community is so important to our well-being. Who is on YOUR support team?

 I'm in love with my support team and it is expanding everyday, which I'm so grateful for!

My core team is my family, my best friend (Tabitha Jester), and the women in my business group.

There are soooooo many other people that have helped me to pursue my dreams and I'm eternally grateful for each and every word of advice and encouragement.

Who is your business role model?

 I don't have one specific role model.

My favs are Jennifer Bronsnick, Tabitha Jester, and Amanda Lopes-Bregoli. These women have different specialties but all of them have the common theme of conducting business from their hearts. They let their intuition guide them, offer top notch services, and are helping women embrace their true, powerful selves.

What can someone expect from working with you or using your products?

 The can expect to feel relief, support, and passion.

My specialties are in creating branded graphic designs, Facebook page management with content creation, and implementation of systems and structure so businesses can say goodbye to their chaotic workflow.

They can expect me to use my natural organizational skills and creativity to take task off of their to do list, knowing I will deliver trustworthy, reliable, quality work. By offering this support they can then have more time to focus on the business aspects that they love.