Parenting Challenges and Solutions-Survey Results

Recently I sent out a survey to all of my mom friends and their friends. I was so shocked to get over 100 responses from parents who were willing to share some of their biggest parenting challenges. To say that I am incredibly thankful that so many people would take the time to help me to figure out what parents need the most to support them in their journey would be an understatement. While it was not an official study, I found the results really interesting, hope you do too!

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Welcoming Mistakes-In ourselves and our kids

So far in my favorite positive parenting techniques series I've covered Being Kind and Firm and the Importance of Routine. This week our focus will be on Welcoming Mistakes.

We all make mistakes. All of our children make mistakes. Every human that has ever walked the earth has made mistakes. (Anyone see Birdman?)

Take a minute to think about the last mistake (big or small) that you made. Did you forget a birthday party? Yell at your child when you were really angry at your partner? Forget to do something at work?

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