Want to be a Better Mom? The Secret Revealed!!

“I’m a bad mom.”

“I can’t believe I let my kids walk all over me.”

“I feel so overwhelmed by getting my kids to eat healthy.”

“I can’t stand my belly.”


These are the kind of statements that are running through many of our heads.  When we are inundated by negative (AND OFTEN NOT TRUE)  self-talk this is the energy that we are bringing to the planet.  These thoughts have a low vibration and can only serve to attract more of what we don't want.

Negative self-talk.  Feeling bad about ourselves. Stressed out about the pressures of living in the 21st Century.

There is another way of looking at things though. 

I want you to consider for a minute that you are exactly the mother that your child needs.  Flabby belly, wrinkles, and all. When G-D sent this soul into your life He/she knew that you were not going to be perfect but that it was your inperfections that was going to make you the best mother for this child.  

Every time your child refuses to eat broccoli you are learning about patience.  Each time you don't like what you see in the mirror you are learning about compassion.  Each time you have a judgemental thought about someone else you are learning about what you really need to work on in yourself.

You child is here to help to get you closer to understanding your true purpose on the planet.  The sleepless nights, colic, eating struggles, potty training stress and total meltdowns are gifts from God that are giving your soul an opportunity to share its gifts with the world.

You are the best mother for your child.  You will be doing them a disservice if you strive for perfection.  Your wisdom lies in your "flaws".  Your thoughts are NOT the reality and all you have to strive for is your best in each moment.

The only way to be a better mother than you are today is NOT by reading 100's of parenting books, it’s not by putting your children into more classes or the right schools, or around the "right" kids.  THE ONLY way you can be a better mother is by taking care of your own needs.  Your spiritual needs. Your physical needs. Your emotional needs.  YOU.  When you are full of joy, peace and inspiration you are thriving.  When you are thriving your children will thrive. 

"I know I am doing my best and that is enough."

"My kids don't like green foods, but I'll keep modeling that I eat them and many one day they will."

"I'm noticing that I am feeling taken advantage of. Maybe it's time to reset some boundaries."

"I'm not 20 anymore and I carried human lives inside of me.  Maybe it's ok if I am a little squishy in my belly."


Can you feel the difference?

So go out and take that class you always wanted to.  Plan a trip with your girlfriends.  Get a babysitter for date night.  Do one thing that is a guilty pleasure and really savor it.  Talk to yourself as though you are talking to someone you REALLY love.  Have compassion.  You have my permission.  

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Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW, LCSW is passionate about supporting moms to be resilient. As a mother of three daughters under 8 and a survivor of postpartum depression and anxiety Jennifer knows exactly how challenging motherhood can be. She also knows that there is hope for all of us and with accurate information, support and inspiration that mothers and families can thrive.

Jennifer’s years of clinical experience as a social worker and her own personal journey gives her the unique ability to guide other moms on their path to health and wellness. You can also learn more about Jennifer, the services she offers and purchase her books on maternal self-care at www.themindfulfamily.com/jennifer.