My Top Five Most Messed Up Thoughts About My Kids {do not read if easily offended}

So I consider myself to be a pretty decent mom.  I read parenting books, take parenting classes to stay up to date on the most recent child development research, I even facilitate a parenting support website!  Since I know all this research based information I work really hard to implement the tools that resonate with my parenting style.  I feel that the importance of discipline is to teach NOT to punish and that it’s important to understand how my child’s brain works and respond accordingly.  I don’t hit, yell or shame purposely because I know that the relationship with my children is paramount to their long-term mental health and development.

So now that you know my parenting philosophy I feel ok telling you that the shit that pops into my mind is often completely opposite of my outward behavior and actions towards my children.

Please stop reading if you don't appreciate swear words :)

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