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I’m wondering…Do you long to have less pain in your life? Do you want to uncover your life purpose? Finally experience self-compassion and fulfilling relationships? Grow a successful business without sacrificing your health or family?

We are brought up to believe that there is a right way to live, to make decisions or express ourselves. This belief just sets us up for BURNOUT because we aren’t expressing our authentic truth. We are taught to make decisions in our minds which can lead us down a path that our soul didn’t intend. When this happens it’s possible you might even feel anxious, overwhelmed, depressed, angry, bitter, frustrated or disappointed.

It’s NOT your fault you are struggling, because no one ever taught you how to understand your own unique energy blueprint for success and well-being.

I know just how you feel. I struggled for years with anxiety and feeling bitter that I hadn’t reached the level of success I thought I deserved. I didn’t understand my energy and how to allow it to work for me. Then I found Human Design and my life will NEVER be the same. In a REALLY good way.

I was a little skeptical when I first heard about Human Design. It sounded a little out there but I kept hearing great things. When Jennifer began describing my children I was blown away by the accuracy of the information. She had never met them and yet she knew exactly what their challenges were. By the end of our work together I had the skills to parent each of my children as individuals; I understood how our different energy types could communicate most effectively and felt 100 times better about myself and my parenting skills.
— Maria T. Wife and Working Mom, NJ

The simplest way to describe Human Design is to say that it’s a awareness tool that opens you up to the amazing individual that you are.  It allows you to accept the parts of yourself that might have caused you shame because you were comparing yourself to others or to others version of success. 

Understanding your unique energy also gives you a way to make decisions that lead you towards the life you were meant to live.  It leaves you with deep self-compassion and compassion for others, especially those closest to you, because you remember that NOTHING is personal and we need to accept one another’s differences.  Human Design reminds us that all you have to do to be a “success” is be your authentic self! 

Human Design is a synthesis of Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese, I’Ching, The Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakra System and Quantum Physics. Your Human Design chart is calculated using your birth date, time and place.

 Understanding your Human Design chart is like having an
instruction manual for your life, your business and your family.

Here are some ways that incorporating the information found in a Human Design chart can help you in your life:

  • You will understand why you’ve struggled in your life and how to go from just surviving to thriving.

  • You can learn the skill of effectively communicating to the individual & put an end to miscommunication and the stress and anger that often follows when we don’t feel heard.

  • You will feel confident that the choices you make for yourself (& your business) and your family are in total alignment with your authentic self and trust in the divine life journey.

  • You will have the tools essential for leveraging your energy so that you will no longer feel guilty for making your needs a priority. You will be able to teach this to your children so they have a healthy future.

  • You will have greater compassion for yourself and the people in your life; allowing for a less stressful and more loving existence.

Understanding your Human Design and the design of your partner and children can have a huge impact on the level fulfillment that you feel in your family. 

When we don't take the time to become more self-aware or
resilient our health suffers, our relationships can suffer and our
worries steal the joy that is possible in our life.

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I was so delighted to have a Human Design session with Jennifer. I’d had one previously but didn’t grasp the full picture. With Jennifer, I got a deeper insight into what makes me “me”. So often, we reach for things and build a life we think we want or should have, but with Human Design you get clues to why some of our choices just don’t work, or why we feel that what we do doesn’t resonate with our deepest self. Jennifer has a beautiful light energy and she takes you step by step through the process and explains what exactly Human Design is and how it can help you live a better life. I highly recommend this process

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I was blown away by the insight my Human Design reading provided! It had me thinking so creatively about ways I can help our family grow closer and help my children to understand themselves more so they feel empowered to manage life in a healthier and smoother way. ~
— Lisa Byrne, Mom of 3, NJ