Mini Human Design Reading or Quantum Healing Session


Mini Human Design Reading or Quantum Healing Session


A Mini-Reading is perfect for you if you are curious about Human Design but not ready to fully dive in.  Think of it as dipping your toes in to make sure its worth getting your swimsuit on.  It comes with ONE Human Design Chart and during your 30 minute call you will receive basic information about how to leverage your unique energy signature to avoid burnout and tips on how to make decisions in alignment with your authentic self. 

The mini also is great if you are looking to explore more aspects of your chart or have a specific challenge that you want to work on.

A few things that we might cover in a mini-reading include:

  • how to market based on your Human Design Type

  • specific challenges stemming from your open centers

  • Quantum Healing in ONE resiliency area or specific challenge

    A mini-reading also makes a great gift for your family and friends who are into personal transformation.

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