VIP Retreat Day with Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW


VIP Retreat Day with Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW


You are ready to a HUGE transformation in your life and you don’t want to spend months learning the information and coping tools that you can learn in a day.

During your Private VIP Retreat Day you will learn everything you need about your Human Design chart, how to parent your children based on their Unique Chart, and how to communicate best with your partner so you both feel valued.

You will experience a hypnosis session to get your brain primed for transformation and to gain clarity around what TRUE abundance means to you.

You will practice EFT to clear out any mindsets or negative emotional states that are holding you back from experiencing true abundance. You will also build on your resiliency so you are able to confront any challenge that comes your way with a calm heart and courageous mindset.

You will eat nourishing foods and enjoy specific essential oils and flower essences to work on BOTH your physical well-being AND your subtle energy bodies allowing for a powerful transformation that lasts long beyond our time together.

This day also includes a 6 MONTH membership to Thriving Mama Society so you can continue to get the support you need to ensure your transformation endures.


Bonuses Valued over $200

  • A week supply of bone or vegan broth (6 jars)

  • Custom flower essences or Essential Oils

  • A Pendulum & Beautiful Journal

This retreat can be done virtually or we can meet live at a beautiful wellness studio in Harding, NJ.

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