About Jennifer Bronsnick, CEO & Founder


Hi I’m Jennifer Bronsnick, but you can call me Jen.

I want to honor you for taking this brave step towards feeling great again.  First, please take a deep breath. I know how you feel. I am living proof that anxiety doesn't have to stop you from living an amazing life. Every person no matter their background or current situation has the potential to thrive.  I believe that since you're reading this that you are ready to sleep better, enjoy improved physical well-being, stronger relationships, and a more resilient mindset. 

As a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Practitioner, I believe that most symptoms of anxiety and burnout can be treated using holistic modalities. These include supplements, nutrition, stress management, mindfulness-based therapies, and understanding your unique energy blueprint. 

You are NOT alone.  There is HOPE.  With the right support, you will feel better faster than you think. You shouldn’t have to wait until your kids are grown to fulfill your life purpose or prioritize your health!

I have three daughters and have struggled with episodes of burnout and anxiety since the minute I became a mom. Through my own journey I uncovered strategies (including Emotional Freedom Technique, Human Design, mindfulness and the power of a good laugh) which have allowed me to become my own healer.

This is my wish for you.

You deserve to have the support and resources to know you are not in this alone, that YOU are a powerful healer, and it’s possible to not have your shit together AND still have an awesome life.

What makes me an expert???

Aside from my own healing journey, I have professional experience that includes…


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When I am not with my family or supporting mamas you can find me with other mompreneurs, riding my stationary bike while watching Mistresses, listening to Audible while driving my kids around town with a Starbucks chai tea with coconut milk, experimenting with essential oils or obsessively studying about Human Design , Trauma Informed practices, Nutrition for Mental Health, EFT and Business Growth strategies.


Want to learn more about how we can work together?  

I offer a no pressure phone session where you get 15 minutes to share what challenges you are ready to overcome.  You can have a life you don’t want to escape from.

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