Private Coaching and Human Design Readings


For Individuals Who......

ARE EXCITED about getting support, but are not ready to commit to a long program.  

WANT to work on multiple areas of their life, including parenting, relationships, business development and self-care.

ARE TIRED of feeling anxious, exhausted, and afraid of not being able to handle life will throw at them.

ARE WORRIED about their children and whether they will be able to cope with challenges.

ARE READY to heal from burnout, reduce anxiety, and learn parenting techniques that WORK.

WANT the flexibility to schedule sessions at their convenience vs group coaching calls.

DON'T love the idea of being a part of a group or online community.


One-One Counseling/Coaching

Jennifer's office is located in Avalon Wellness Center, 25 Lindsley Dr, ste 201, Morristown,NJ.  She is available for in person as well as phone/virtual sessions.

Each 45 minute session is $150 and if you have a DSM diagnosis (ie Anxiety or Depression) you will receive a statement to submit to your insurance company for out-of-network reimbursement. 

If you don't plan on investing in more than one session we suggest that you book a Human Design reading instead of moving forward with 1-1 coaching. 

Jennifer is not in network with any insurance companies.

Learn More about Human Design Sessions HERE