Our terms and conditions

Informed Consent

If you choose to participate in any virtual program or course offered by Jennifer Bronsnick or via The Mindful Family you do so at your own risk.  The intent of the information offered via this website is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for emotional and spiritual well-being.   In the event you use any of the information on this website or in any Mindful Family program for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Jennifer Bronsnick assumes no responsibility for your actions. We are here to provide support, however if you feel that you are having thoughts of hurting yourself or someone else you should go directly to your local emergency room or call 911. 


As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New Jersey, Jennifer Bronsnick, is legally and ethically bound to protect your online, phone and in person counseling confidentiality, including the confidentiality of your records, which are stored and secured according to professional guidelines. However, this is ONLY if you are seeing her as your therapist. If you join Thriving Mama Society(group coaching program), purchase a Human Design reading, or take part in virtual coaching the privilege extended to therapy clients are NOT extended to you. As such if Jennifer is compelled to testify regarding content of sessions she will have to comply. In addition, if you choose to share personal information via email or Facebook, Jennifer Bronsnick and The Mindful Family, aka Mindful Mommy, LLC cannot be held liable for other members sharing the information.

There are limits to your confidentiality and privacy. State law requires that we must report to the local Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) any evidence of a child being abused. Similarly, if you tell me that you are going to kill yourself or someone else and have a plan, I am required by law to inform the police and the other person, and do anything else necessary to stop the suicide or murder.  

Many new moms have thoughts about their babies getting hurt or of accidentally harming their baby.  As long as these thoughts bother you it's safe to assume that this is a symptom of a perinatal anxiety disorder and with treatment they will get better.  DYFS would NEVER be contacted by me if you report these types of thoughts.

 If you or someone you love are having these thoughts and you are not worried about them, this is a serious emergency and you should go to your local hospital immediately.


Your email address and personal information will never be shared with third parties. We never see your credit card information when you pay, which is processed through PayPal or Moonclerk. 

Caution: To protect your privacy, be conscious in how you store treatment-related emails. Make sure they are protected from unauthorized access by using and guarding your passwords. Consider deleting any emails (sent or received) or chat room transcripts that you do not want others to see, followed by emptying your trash or recycle bins. If you make hard copies of emails or chat transcripts, store them securely. Be aware that emails sent from a workplace computer are the property of the employer.

If you have any questions concerning online counseling confidentiality, security, or privacy issues, please contact me via email at JenniferATthemindfulfamily.com

Facebook Groups

Each Mindful Family Facebook group has been created for individuals who are committed to non-judgmental acceptance of others; whether or not you disagree with another member’s behavior or choices we ask that you keep your comments compassionate, supportive and helpful.  Posts that are mean, negative, racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive should be reported and will be deleted immediately.  Members will be given 1 chance to adjust their behavior but after a second offense they will be deleted from the group.

The Mindful Family is intended to be a place for giving and receiving; we ask that members set the intention to not only ask for support but to give it to others as well. Your participation in any Mindful Family Group, including any Thriving Mama Program is voluntary and done at your own risk.