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Parenting by Human Design Upcoming Dates

September 27th at 10am EST

October 11th at 12pm EST BONUS: Follow Up Group Masterminding Session

Have you ever said to yourself, “I wish my kids came with an instruction manual!”

Well maybe they do…

  • Do you want to be a better parent, but you don’t know how?

  • Do you want to help your child embrace their gifts and fulfill their Life Purpose, but still get them to bed on time and to eat their veggies (…without threats, bribes or pulling your own hair out???)

  • What would it feel like to go to bed at night and know that your children were going to be ok and that you are doing a good job?


If you’re like most parents, you may feel frustrated, confused or even overwhelmed about how to parent your child.  Maybe you want to be different than your own parents, but you don’t know how to break your old parenting patterns.


You may be aware that your kids are really “different” and seem to know things at a very early age, or they seem smarter than you and enforcing discipline that is truly effective can be challenging.  You want them to be the best they can be but you’re not sure how to support them and still make sure they learn how to do simple things like brush their teeth, go to bed and pick up their toys.


You want to have a really strong, loving, mutually respectful relationship with your child.  In order to do that you have to:


      1. Truly KNOW your child

      2. Understand your child and what to expect at each developmental age and stage.

      3. Have a method of disciplining your child that will ultimately teach him/her how to be self-empowered, feel lovable and be capable

   4. Clear your own personal conditioning and patterns that may be influencing your parenting relationship.



Being a strong, effective parent in these dynamic times requires a new way of thinking about parenting. 


Each child is magnificently unique and has individual parenting needs.  This is an impossible challenge - to figure it all out without a manual, a mentor or role model. 


Welcome to Parenting By Design, a unique, holistic system of understanding and parenting your child that allows you to systematically understand your child, know their life purpose and structure your parenting style in such a way as to truly teach your child and empower them.  Parenting By Design gives you a simple system to help you be the kind of parent you really want to be.


This is you invitation to keep reading if raising resilient children and being a confident parent appeals to you.

Hi!  My name is Jennifer Bronsnick.  I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Certified Health Coach and Human Design Specialist.  I have devoted the entirety of my career to supporting children and families.


I’m also the mother of three children


 I’m not going to tell you that I’m an expert on parenting because I believe that you are the only “expert” for your child.  But I do understand that the children of today are different than we were.  And being an effective parent in these rapidly changing times, takes a new set of skills and tools.

One of the gifts I received as a mother is a deep understanding that each one of my children is precious and totally unique.  To be an effective parent, it’s like I have to be three different parents, one for each kid. 

The strategies and tools that worked with my first were useless for my second.  They are just different kids with different ways of experiencing me and the world.


The world is evolving, so are we and so are our children.  The old ways of raising children don’t work anymore. 


We have new technology; new academic and social expectations and parents are lost and looking for answers.

Not only did being a parent expand my heart, but my whole awareness of life and beyond shifted.  As my children inspired me to grow, I learned new things about the Universe, love and energy. 

I learned about health and wellness, mindfulness, brain development, law of attraction and the power of positive thinking.  I also learned powerful techniques to help clear old patterns and traumas, such as EFT.  And I discovered ways to really know who my children are, their unique energetic blueprints and their Life Path using a new system of personality analysis called Human Design. 


I have come to the powerful conclusion that my role as a parent, and an adult is to serve children to love themselves and grow into resilient adults who will be able to transform our planet.


My role is not to form their character or their personalities…but to serve as their guide and show them the “earth” ropes, helping them find appropriate and empowered ways to express the magnificence and beauty of their True Selves.

It’s an interesting journey, one that requires me to be deeply grounded and simultaneously deeply rooted in knowing myself as well as connected to Divine Source.

That means that I have to parent in a way that supports the evolution of these beautiful souls and still know how to get them to go to bed on time, eat their veggies, say “please” and “thank you”, make good educational choices, and generally develop the skills necessary to be able to navigate the earthly plane.


Why am I teaching Parenting By Design?



There is nothing more sacred to me than a child.  They are the greatest gifts to our planet.  They are full of love and joy and total aliveness.  In my work as a therapist I have worked with many adults who have lost this childlike aliveness and there is nothing more heart breaking. 

I am teaching this class because I believe I have been called to be a catalyst for other parents who want to not only raise confident and resilient children but who also want this for their own life.


In this class you will learn:


·        How to shift your parenting paradigm and truly understand your child

·        How your child may be affecting your own energy, evolution and spirituality

·        How to interpret your child’s misbehavior and use it as a platform for true learning

·        Why punishment doesn’t work and what to do instead

·        How to take care of yourself and set good boundaries that are honoring and respectful

·        How to become an empowered, democratic parent

·        About the power of language and why your words matter

·        How to deal with your feelings and your child’s feelings

·        How to get your children to listen to you, and you to them

·        How to get your children to cooperate without screaming, begging and yelling

And more…

  When you join you get Human Design charts for your whole family and a FREE download of my book, Understanding Your Child’s Unique Energy Blueprint. If you are a member of Thriving Mama Society you get access to BOTH and More for FREE.

In Thriving Mama Society you will also have a self-guided personal development program, private forums to connect with other parents, and access to expert support.  You can cancel at anytime.


There are a lot of therapists that will diagnose and “treat” disorders.  I have a different approach and look at a child’s behavior as a form of communication for us to decode. 


This program is NOT for you if…

·       You just want your children to do what you say and be obedient to your desires.

·       You believe that the problems in your family are the fault of your children.

·       You are not open to learning new concepts and experimenting with them in your life.

·       You are not willing to take responsibility for your progress and are just looking for someone to “fix” your child.


Please reach out to if you have any questions.