She saved me!
After I had my son I knew I wasn’t feeling right. I did some research and realized that I was struggling with postpartum anxiety. I tried coping alone, but after 6 months I knew I needed help.
Seeing Jennifer gave me the strength to advocate for myself and my son in a healthy calm manner. She gave me the tools to live a happy, healthy, and worry-free life again! She made me feel so comfortable and validated my feelings every single visit. She never made me feel like I was “crazy”. Instead she taught me tools to manage my anxiety, mindfully acknowledge my feelings and be my own advocate.
— ~C.C. Plainfield, NJ
lauralee donnelly.jpg

Jennifer is wonderful to work with. She helps you see your relationships with yourself and others in a positive light. Working with Jennifer has helped me to improve my communication with my children.



I sought out Jennifer after experiencing postpartum anxiety and mild PPD. I had recently gone back to work after having a baby and hated being separated from my daughter. During our time together I gained a lot of perspective, empathy and validation that I wasn’t alone. She helped me see my reality differently and cope with everything much better. I have my anxiety under control and I was even able to clear some strong feelings connected to a traumatic birth experience. I would recommend Jennifer to moms who are struggling with anxiety and stress, especially related to work life balance. She considers the whole person and takes a holistic approach to enable healing of mind, body and spirit.
— J.C. New Jersey


Just got off the phone with Jennifer and I'm spinning with new ideas, perspectives, and thoughts. I went in hoping to gain a little more insight on how I could strengthen my relationship with my kids by understanding who we are individually and what we most need from each other to thrive, that is exactly what I got!

Lisa Grace Byrne, Well Grounded Life, Mom of 3



I was so delighted to have a Human Design session with Jennifer. I'd had one previously, but didn't grasp the full picture. With Jennifer, I got a deeper insight into what makes me "me". So often, we reach for things and build a life we thing we want or should have, but with Human Design you get clues to why some of our choices just don't work, or why we feel that what we do doesn't resonate with our deepest self. Jennifer has a beautiful light energy and she takes you step by step through the process and explains what exactly Human Design is and how it can help you live a better life. I highly recommend this process

Susan Miller, Mom and Life Coach


I love the advice I got from Jennifer because it gave me a sense of what to focus on and how to manage stress in more effective ways. I really appreciated being able to have someone to talk it through with and enjoyed the open support that came with it. I am now using my reading to help guide me to remember that each person is different and how we work through our differences helps us to live a more fulfilled life of understanding.
— N.S. School Teacher, Ann Arbor, MI


I loved my Human Design session with Jennifer. Much of what she had to say was validating and confirmed what I already understood about myself. There is a certain level of inner peace you received when something you understood is validated. Beyond that Jennifer helped me transform a self-judgment I have held for my adult life. There is a pattern of behavior I have engaged in my whole life that I always assumed was me doing it "wrong." I start a lot of things and only take a few to the finish line. What Human Design helped me understand is that this is just the way I do things. It is my process for understanding what works. It is a learning process not a problem.


I had a difficult business decision to make which was causing a great amount of stress. I was very lost both personally and professionally. What appealed to me is the Human Design Chart she puts together. Understanding my body make up and how it effects my action, decision etc.
With Jennifer’s help I learned about my Human Design which opened my eyes to why I react and do certain thing. I was able to make my business decision and learn how to manage stress and difficult situations with ease. I would recommend Jennifer.
— Debbie T., New Jersey


Wow, what an impact you made on my life, thank you! It was terrific to work with you in the Fall of 2013 - just prior to my designated "Year of Self Love" in 2014! Now, after a year of studying with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I've opened my own office! My husband and I work alongside each other at The Center for Healing. It's truly amazing the transformation my life has taken. I'm even writing a book! All of this is possible because of the work we did together. Thank you!

Pamela Miles,


About Mindful Family Programs

The Mindful Family course was an opportunity to be more aware and intentional in how I show up as a mother and an individual. The assignments and journaling helped me be more aware of my needs and desires and how I can balance them with being a mother and a wife. My biggest challenge was that I began the course 3 weeks after having my second baby and trying to figure out how to balance 2 kids, a newborn and being very hormonal was difficult. I may recommend that mommy’s begin this course at least 3 months after having a baby to be able to fully dedicate the time and see results!
— Rachel H.; West Orange, NJ

Thank you so much for creating this program! I’ve been going through a lot and really needed something positive to focus on! I have tried mediation a few times now..still getting the trick of it. In fact last night I used it when what I really wanted to do was yell at the top of my lunges at the kiddos So we all thank you for that! I also LOVED the recipes. As a foodie and lover of cooking, I really felt like all the healthy recipes you shared were wonderful. I still make a Kale shake at least 2x a week and my kids do too. We have all changed our eating habits, we no longer keep anything with GMO’s or high fructose corn syrup in the house and rarely any sugar. No chips..except tortilla because I NEED chips and salsa every now and again! I believe this has helped my oldest daughter too..she struggles with her weight and I am working with her on how to better control her eating habits and get more regular exercise!

Also, because of this course I looked deeper into what it was that I thought may make me happy..I have come to the conclusion that I am going to get my certification in personal training and group fitness. Fitness is my passion. I have more work to do on myself but at the same time I would love to help other people work on themselves too. So..all in all.. I thought it was great.
— Rachel C.; Alepna, MI

I think the biggest way that the program helped me was just understanding myself better and why I am the way I am. I loved the session we had about how I’m a Manifestor - it really made sense to me and added to the program. I had a hard time with the weight loss part, but since the course ended I have lost 6 lbs and I’m feeling more like myself again. I thought at first that I hadn’t succeeded in the course, but I got way more out of it than I should have considering my low motivation. My goal is to go back through and read the material that I may have missed and re-read the material that I really connected with.  I think you are great Jen - very easy to talk to and you care genuinely about those you are working with. Thanks!
— Jen C.; Tampa, FL