The Mindful Family Store

Jennifer has researched and experimented with 100's of personal growth and wellness tools.  This is a curated list of the ones that she LOVES!  If you have any questions about which tools will be best for you please contact us.



Jennifer LOVES reading and listening to books on Audible.  There is nothing better than taking time to cozy up to a good book or listening to a book on a long drive and learning something new.

 Check out her favorite books below.



Essential Oils

Jennifer has been using oils for a few years.  She had tried a few different brands but found that doTERRA had the best products and company philosophy.  Not only are oils great for minor physical and emotional ailments.  They also can be used in home cleaning and personal care products.

Her favorites include the Emotional Aromatherapy Diffuser Pack,  the Omega-3 blend and skin care line.

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Custom Health and Wellness

After the birth of her 3rd child Jennifer felt physically and emotionally depleted.  Years of carrying babies, nursing and not enough green veggies had taken it's toll. 

Jennifer has partnered with Market America and Spectracell Laboratory to uncover your nutritional deficiencies and get you back on track with your health and longevity by creating a custom vitamin cocktail.