do you feel like you're barely keeping your head above water with all the things you feel responsible for?

Do you often put others needs ahead of your own even when you know better?

Do you find yourself snapping at the people you love the most (or the slow checkout lady)?

There IS a better way to live!

It breaks my heart when I see moms who are stressed out and overwhelmed by everything they believe they need to accomplish each day.

Moms feel like they are failures and their children miss out on having a role model for how to manage stress or enjoy the ups and downs of life. 

There is hope! 

It is 100% possible for moms to know exactly how to manage their stressful moments AND how to create joy in their everyday lives.  



When moms are happy and healthy they will be in right mental space to teach their children how to handle difficult feelings and stress. 

Thriving Mama Quick Start was created to give YOU the tools to have less overwhelm and more joy in every area of your life.

By spending 20 minutes a day for 12 day’s moms who commit can expect to reduce their overall stress level and feel more in control of the negative feelings that are taking away the ability to LOVE and ENJOY life.

 If you want to take your transformation to another level there is also a specific essential oil protocol to follow. The oils we are using create instant emotional harmony and increase your energetic frequency. 

The higher your frequency the more abundant your life is! 

Thriving Mama includes:

  • Twelve days of Exercises and Closed Facebook Community
  • Meditations and Mindful Exercises
  • Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping Videos
  • Videos and Handouts to help you understand your unique energy blueprint

If you are ready to have more peace and joy in your life I would like to personally invite you to join us.

With all my love,


P.S.  Before you jump into this program please know that Thriving Mama is ideal for moms who are really interested in personal growth and living more mindfully; Mom's who can see that their health and wellness is directly connected their families health; Mom's who are ready to commit to making some space for themselves and who are open to new ideas.

And it is NOT ideal for Mom's who are just looking to 'fix' their kids without doing any work on themselves, Moms who aren't willing to take 20 minutes a day to understand themselves better or Moms who aren't ready to take personal responsibility for creating a life they want.