Are you longing for a community of other moms who are non-judgmental and accept you just the way you are? 

 Do you want access to experts to ask your parenting and life questions?

Are you sick of figuring out motherhood (and life) on your own and ready for extra support, but not ready to make a big investment?


I remember back when I was drowning in the belief that to be a "good mom" meant  striving to be perfect and put everyone else’s needs before my own.   I was clueless about what I really needed in my life in order to experience more health,  joy and peace of mind.  

I knew something wasn't right AND I wasn't sure how to make it better.

In my business I was pushing to make things happen and they were failing miserably.  I was bitter and stuck in comparisionitis with other  mompreneurs who seemed to make success look easy.  I was completely burned out, overwhelmed and anxious.  How this showed up in my life was that I wasn't enjoying my kids and felt like any minor stressor would cause a panic attack.


If you have met me you are probably in disbelief.  These days I am pretty level headed and full of patience (most of the time), but I promise I wasn't always like this.  I worked FREAKING hard to reclaim my joy and inner peace. It was a  hard time and what I needed was a mentor to guide me around what being a “good mom” really means.  I ended up devouring every parenting and personal growth book I could get my hands on, but I couldn’t find the kind of support that I REALLY wanted.   I was sooo ready to feel happy & healthy and move FORWARD in every aspect of my life.

Looking back, I really could have used a mentor.  Not a friend who had her own stuff going on, but a guide to teach me how to be resilient, to prioritize self-care, give me parenting tips, guide me to more mindful living AND how to succeed as a mompreneur.   Someone who really understood that ALL of these areas are connected and could guide me in each of them.

Today?   I have invested thousands of dollars and hours of learning, so YOU don't have to.  Now I’d love to be that mentor and teacher for you.

This is your official invitation to get the support that you need to thrive in every area of your life. 



  • You are ready to experience more self-awareness, peace, gratitude, and joy in your life
  • You are raising a family AND building a business OR looking to start a passion project

  • Your relationships are important to you and you want them to be healthy

  • You want to feel confident in your parenting skills

  • You recognize that your child's health and happiness directly correlates with how healthy and happy YOU are

  • You want to be able to handle any challenge that life throws at you with grace and ease

  • You are longing for a community of moms to network with and who have your back

  • You don't have very much time to invest and aren't interested in committing to weekly therapy or coaching to reach your goals.

Wow, what an impact Jennifer made on my life, thank you! It was terrific to work with you in the Fall of 2013 - just prior to my designated “Year of Self Love” in 2014! Now, after a year of studying with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I’ve opened my own office! My husband and I work alongside each other at The Center for Healing. It’s truly amazing the transformation my life has taken. I’m even writing a book! All of this is possible because of the work we did together. Thank you!
— Pamela M.


One Monthly Parenting Support Call via Zoom 

Two New Mama’s Only Zoom Calls  a month

Monthly Interviews with expert’s topics like healthy sleep, time management, self-acceptance, keeping relationships strong, business topics, organization, 

Lifetime Access to Thriving Mama Quick Start Program + Your Human Design Chart

Private FB Community

Plus 15% of your investment will be donated to charities that support mothers in under served communities


the cost of Thriving Mama Community

 Your investment for getting all of the support of theThriving Mama Community is only $39/month.   For less than $2 a day you can receive three months of 1-1 and group support.  It is my intention to make getting support accessible and affordable.   


It know that it is scary to put your money where your mouth is.  Every time I invest in myself I have a mini panic attack.  What if nothing changes? What is it pisses off my hubby? What if......  I can promise you that I have gotten something out of every penny that I have invested in my personal growth and development.  Thanks to having wonderful mentors I have earned more money, let go of stuff that no longer serves me  and gained peace of mind.  There is NOTHING like having someone in your corner who is totally there for YOU and cheering you on to succeed.

This is your invitation to understand YOUR OWN unique blueprint for success, health and abundance in motherhood, relationships AND business!



Fine Print

If accepted into Thriving Mama, you will be given a legal coaching agreement contract indicating program details and responsibilities of Jennifer Bronsnick - as your coach.  Thriving Mama Officially starts in February, but your 1-1 sessions start as soon as you join.

Satisfaction Guarantee: If you do not feel the group program meets your current needs Jennifer will provide you with 1-1 sessions at the same value as the group program.

Thriving Mama is a NOT a treatment program.  If you are struggling with severe anxiety or depression, that would benefit from weekly in person sessions, Jennifer's VIP Offering might be a better fit for you.  You should also continue working with your therapist.

Now if you're all the way to the end of the page, you're interested, you're excited AND scared... that's a good sign. Keep scrolling to fill out the application at the bottom of the page as spaces will fill quickly and change won't happen unless you do.
You're not alone.  

If you have any personal questions, please contact us directly at 

I think the biggest way that the program helped me was just understanding myself better and why I am the way I am. I loved the session we had about how I’m a Manifestor - it really made sense to me and added to the program. I had a hard time with the weight loss part, but since the course ended I have lost 6 lbs and I’m feeling more like myself again. I thought at first that I hadn’t succeeded in the course, but I got way more out of it than I should have considering my low motivation. My goal is to go back through and read the material that I may have missed and re-read the material that I really connected with. I think you are great Jen - very easy to talk to and you care genuinely about those you are working with. Thanks!
— Jen C. Tampa, FL


You must be personally invited to be a part of the Thriving mama mastermind.  

If you are interested in applying please fill out the form below.


If you have already spoken to Jennifer and gotten your invitation to join CLICK HERE to finalize your registration.


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Your investment for Thriving Mama is $299/month ($10/day) for three months. Are you willing to make this investment in yourself, your family & your business?

Here Is What Other Moms Are Saying About The Impact Of Jennifer's Work

“I was blown away by the insight your Human Design reading provided. I’m pretty good at describing my kids in terms of how I perceive their personalities and reactions to the world…but it was incredible to begin to have the conversation around what *they* may be experiencing and perceiving about the world, and then connect that with how they express themselves in the world.  It had me thinking so creatively about ways I can help us grow closer and help them understand themselves more so they feel empowered to manage life in a healthier and smoother way.  What I absolutely loved about what you do and your approach is that you take each child for who they are individually and use that information to help parents understand better how they were designed and how we can best support and parent them in what they need. Thank you!!”
— Lisa Grace Byrne, Well Grounded Life, Mom of 3
I loved my Human Design reading with Jennifer.  Much of what she had to say was validating and confirmed what I already understood about myself.  There is a certain level of inner peace you received when something you understood is validated.  Beyond that Jennifer helped me transform a self-judgment I have held for my adult life.  There is a pattern of behavior I have engaged in my whole life that I always assumed was me doing it “wrong.”  I start a lot of things and only take a few to the finish line.  What Human Design helped me understand is that this is just the way I do things.   It is my process for understanding what works.  It is a learning process not a problem.
— Patty Lennon, Mom and Intuitive Business Coach |