Advanced Human Design Reading

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Advanced Human Design Reading

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An advanced reading is for you if you are ready to jump into Human Design.  Your suit is on, sunscreen applied, towel ready and you can't wait to take that first plunge!  In an advanced reading you will get Human Design charts for your family members or business partners depending on how you are hoping to use Human Design.   

If you are looking to understand Human Design for your Family we might cover....

  • How you can leverage your energy to avoid getting burned out in motherhood,

  • How to communicate with your loved ones (partners & children) so that "misbehavior" decreases.

  • How you can have greater self-compassion for yourself and loved ones.

  • The resiliency keys that you might need to access in order to live a more abundant life.

If you are looking to understand Human Design for business success we will cover...

  • The marketing strategies that work best with your energy type.

  • How to leverage your energy so that you don't burnout before crossing the finish line.

  • Your unique decision making strategy or how you know you know.

  • How to enjoy the process of creating more money.

Each 60 minute session will include a Quantum Alignment Activation in order to tap into your potential for manifesting the biggest dream for your life..

Once you make your purchase you will be contacted within 24 hours with a link to schedule your session. Please make sure to check your spam box for an email from The Mindful Family.

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