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Do you long for peace of mind, but find yourself overwhelmed by all the pressure of modern motherhood? 

Are you feeling depleted from trying to keep track of everything and everyone?

Do you long to feel connected to your life purpose or to uncover what it is that will bring you the most joy?

It is NOT your fault!

Our society has perpetuated the belief that to be a good mom you must have the patience of a saint, be a chef, a teacher, a nurse and playmate. We are setting moms up to fail and it is unfair to every single one of us. When you throw in being an entrepreneur you get a whole other set of stresses that can put ANYONE over the edge. No one has prepared us for the role we are currently in.

I’m a Mom.  I get it. 

I have three daughters who I love more than anything, who also push every button I have and make me feel inadequate daily.  I have survived worry and burnout, which enabled me to become an expert at healing my mind, body and spirit. I have run a successful therapy practice, authored three books, and supported 100’s of moms to have more joy and success in their lives.

Hi. I’m Jennifer Bronsnick and I will be your mentor and coach on this journey to THRIVING. If you want to learn more about my training & background CLICK HERE.

Motherhood is HARD.

Being a mom is a roller coaster of highs (hugs, kisses, and new sales) and lows (tantrums, exhaustion, & cancellations) and neither was ever meant to be done without a community of support.

That’s where Thriving Mama Society Comes in.

I’ve created a supportive community where you are in charge of which areas of your life that you want to work on.

You might want to….

  • Feel like you have your shit together as a mom

  • Break free from anxiety or worry

  • Have work or make a contribution that brings you joy

  • Be accepted and supported in your relationships

  • Make an impact and leave a legacy of greatness



I’m spinning with new ideas, perspectives, and thoughts on how I can parent better. By learning about my families Human Design types, I gained more insight on how I could strengthen my relationship with my kids by understanding who we are individually and what we most need from each other to thrive.
— L. B., New Jersey

Choose Your Own Adventure to feel competent & Confident

You get access to EVERYTHING the minute you join so you can heal the area of your life that is causing you the most stress or overwhelm.


Do you feel like you don’t have your shit together and are tired of feeling exhausted?

Play with Pillar #1: Learn about YOUR Unique Energy Signature for Well-Being (Human Design) and Heal your Mind, Body and Spirit from Burnout, so you NEVER feel like you don’t have your SHIT together.

Are your kids pissing you off or you’re feeling like a crappy mom(or wife)?

Experiment with Pillar #2: Understand Child's Unique Energy Signature for Well-Being and uncover the root cause of "misbehavior" or anxiety, so you can feel more confident in your role as a mother and raise resilient children.

Do you have an inkling that you have a life purpose (but not sure what it is) or feel like your business isn’t reaching the level of success that you want it to?

Try out Pillar #3: Uncover Your Life's Purpose & Learn Business Growth Strategies, which will enable you to be successful without sacrificing your well-being or family time.

Do you believe that your vibe attracts your tribe? How about the Law of Attraction??

Check out Pillar #4: Raise your level of spiritual consciousness and your energetic vibration so you are able to feel fully abundant and joyful.  Just by being in your energy you will positively impact your Friends and Family and be an integral part of healing the planet.

Do you tend to worry about “bad” things happening to you or your family?

Pillar #5 will help you to Cultivate Resiliency, so that you are able to handle anything that life throws at you. Once YOU are resilient you can role model and teach these skills to your children.

I love the daily prompts to redirect my thoughts on something positive in my day. It’s healing for me to have a place to share my feelings and get guidance. I now have a community of wonderful moms who I know have my back and who I can be my authentic self around.
— L.P. Alabama

I promise that if you learn about and practice each of these adventures
your life will be transformed. 

If after 6 months you have completed each unit and gained nothing
I will refund your money.

(Only for the Basic Membership) 

Plus, you can also cancel after 3 or 6 months depending on the adventure you choose.


Take a moment and close your eyes. 

Imagine what your life could be like if you had more energy, you were more connected to your intuition, you had better communication with your loved ones, and more peace of mind & joy in your everyday experiences.

Now imagine your life if you DON’T make a powerful commitment to your success, well-being and resiliency.  What will your life look like in 10 years?  20?  What message does it send to your sons or daughters?  Will they have the tools they need to cope with anxiety, peer pressure or stress if you have a hard time modeling them?  Will they feel free to follow THEIR big dreams??


Which vision will you chose?

It is our vision that every mom has unconditional compassion for herself and others.  She is aware of her inner struggles, but has the coping tools she needs to feel confident that she can handle anything that life throws at her.  She lives in a habitual state of joy and is excited about what life has in store.   She also has a SUPER successful business, makes tons of money to contribute to her family and relaxes any chance she gets.

I joined Thriving Mama Society so that I could have a space to share my challenges with Mommy burnout and get support to be a more successful mompreneur. I love that Jennifer is always there when I am having a difficult day or challenge in my family. It is amazing to be part of a group of moms who have my back and fully support me. I would definitely recommend joining this community!
— J.W. Livingston, NJ


This group is open to EVERY type of mom who longs for more peace of mind and resiliency.  You are invited no matter what your religion, sexual orientation, marital status, race or gender identity is.  You are invited whether you are a gestational mom, adoptive mom, or step-mom.  The ONLY prerequisite is that you identify yourself as a woman who mothers.


You DO NOT need to be an entrepreneur to join this community. You would just focus your time on the sections that address your current challenge. You never know…once you are thriving your might just want to leap into following your passion.

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