Understanding Your Human Design Chart-The Nine Centers

In Human Design, “Centers” are the shapes located inside the chart which receive and transform the energy, or life force, that circulates throughout the BodyGraph.

Personally, I find this aspect of Human Design to be the most transformational.  When we can understand the challenges that are expressed because of how we are processing collective and planetary energies, we can make different choices to express the highest version of ourselves. 

Understanding the openness in other people is what can allow for a level of compassion that was previously unattainable if we believe others are acting a certain way on purpose. 

Take a moment to read the questions below to see if you relate to any of them.  Click on each image to listen to audio files that discuss the gifts and challenges of the Open (white) and Defined (colored in) centers.

If you don’t have your chart yet you can request it HERE.

Do You Feel Like You Are Under Constant Pressure To Figure Things Out?

audio Block
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Are You Under Pressure To Be Certain? Do You Want to Know More About How You Process Information?

Is It Important To You To Be Able
To Communicate Effectively? Do you Sometimes Feel Like Your Invisible?

Do You Feel Uncertain About
The Direction Of Your Life? Do You Ever Question Your Lovability?

Do You Ever Feel Like You Have
To Prove Yourself?

Do You Feel Like Your Emotions Are
All Over The Place? Do You Feel Pressure To Be Nice or Have a Hard Time Setting Boundaries?

Ever Wonder If You Have Enough
Energy For Work or Motherhood? Do You Have a Hard Time Knowing When Enough is Enough?


Do You Feel Like You Have Fears
Holding You Back? Are You Holding on to Things, Beliefs or People That Aren’t Good For You Longer Than You Should?


Do You Feel LIke You’re Under Pressure To Get Stuff Done So You Can Be Free?