Your Aura Speaks Louder Than Words

 moms, it is Possible to Experience MORE authenticity, Clarity & Peace in your Life


The intention of this program is to grow your capacity for compassion and loving kindness towards yourself and everyone in your life.  By understanding your unique energy blueprint (Human Design) and learning to have a mindful mindset you WILL be able to make lasting changes in your life. 


  • Have you been feeling confused about the direction of your life or business and long for clarity about what will bring joy, excitement and courage to your life?


  •  Would you feel better about your relationships if you knew how to communicate more effectively with your kids, partner or colleagues?


  • Do you desire a life that allows for personal success as well as for "me time" and lavish, restorative rest without guilt?


  •  Would it feel amazing to know that you can handle any kind of stress that life throws at you; including difficult changes, physical or emotional pain, & business trouble?


  •  Would you like to be able to love and accept yourself unconditionally; flaws and all?


If you recognize your own goals in the list above, then your life is about to change.

Consider this your invitation to join me, Jennifer Bronsnick, for a 6-Week journey in personal growth and empowerment.

 I will walk you through the steps of self-awareness that have changed my life and the lives of countless others.

The curriculum was created especially for YOU.  Mother, wife and so much more.  You are the heart and soul of your family and have the potential to be a force for positive change in the world.  YOU are a miracle and a blessing to this planet.  This program was created to support you in uncovering your grace. 

The classes and homework that you will follow is made up of targeted advice that will steadily lead you toward a compassion filled, authentic, balanced, and vibrant life.

the plan

Week 1: Everyone into the Pool - During week 1 we will get to know each other and you will learn the importance of raising your level of spiritual consciousness in order to attract into your life the feeling states you WANT to experience.  This is where you will set your intention and create a vision for your future.  You will look at each aspect of your life-your family, your marriage, your work and create a clear vision for each.


Week 2: Understanding Aura Part One- During week 2 we will review each of the 5 Aura Types and each types strategy for decision making. You will learn how to tap into your intuition in order to follow the divine plan and reduce wasted time.


 Week 3: Understanding Aura Part Two - During week 3 you will learn about your key energy centers, what they mean and how to break free of the conditioning that is holding you back from being authentic.


 Week 4: Under Pressure - During week 4 we will address all of the pressure and stress that you are under. You will learn the ins and outs of mindful living and meditation. This one simple tool can allow your body and mind to heal and fully live in the present.


Week 5: Freedom! - During week 5 you will learn how to incorporate EFT (tapping) into your daily life to reduce frustrations and break through outdated belief systems. 


Week 6: Celebration – During week 6 we will review each of the classes and you will get clarification about the topics we discussed.  We will also spend time acknowledging and celebrating all of your growth and successes during the last 6 weeks.

You will receive the teleclass recordings for each week just in case you have to miss a class or you want to listen again to the teachings at your convenience.  

2016 could be the year of your BIG breakthrough.  The year you understand and accept who you really are…and it won’t take hours in therapy or cost a fortune. 

Are you interested? 


What others are saying about working Jennifer and Human design

I loved my Human Design session with Jennifer. Much of what she had to say was validating and confirmed what I already understood about myself. There is a certain level of inner peace you received when something you understood is validated. Beyond that Jennifer helped me transform a self-judgment I have held for my adult life. There is a pattern of behavior I have engaged in my whole life that I always assumed was me doing it “wrong.” I start a lot of things and only take a few to the finish line. What Human Design helped me understand is that this is just the way I do things. It is my process for understanding what works. It is a learning process not a problem.
— Patty Lennon, Mom and Intuitive Business Coach

I was so delighted to have a Human Design session with Jennifer. I’d had one previously, but didn’t grasp the full picture. With Jennifer, I got a deeper insight into what makes me “me”. So often, we reach for things and build a life we thing we want or should have, but with Human Design you get clues to why some of our choices just don’t work, or why we feel that what we do doesn’t resonate with our deepest self. Jennifer has a beautiful light energy and she takes you step by step through the process and explains what exactly Human Design is and how it can help you live a better life. I highly recommend this process
— Susan Miller, Mom and Life Coach
Just got off the phone with you, Jennifer, and I’m spinning with new ideas, perspectives and thoughts. I went in hoping to gain a little more insight on how I could strengthen my relationship with my kids by understanding who we are individually and what we most need from each other to thrive.

I was blown away by the insight your reading provided. I’m pretty good at describing my kids in terms of how I perceive their personalities and reactions to the world…but it was incredible to begin to have the conversation around what *they* may be experiencing and perceiving about the world, and then connect that with how they express themselves in the world. It had me thinking so creatively about ways I can help us grow closer and help them understand themselves more so they feel empowered to manage life in a healthier and smoother way.

I’ve always felt resistant to labeling my kids in a box - what I absolutely loved about what you do and your approach is that you take each child for who they are individually and use that information to help parents understand better how they were designed and how we can best support and parent them in what they need.

I’m so grateful for the time you took with our readings— thank you!!
— Lisa Grace Byrne, Well Grounded Life, Mom of 3
Wow, what an impact you made on my life, thank you! It was terrific to work with you in the Fall of 2013 - just prior to my designated “Year of Self Love” in 2014! Now, after a year of studying with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I’ve opened my own office! My husband and I work alongside each other at The Center for Healing. It’s truly amazing the transformation my life has taken. I’m even writing a book! All of this is possible because of the work we did together. Thank you!
— Pamela Miles, Holistic Health Coach


 the details

Classes start on Friday, February 19th, at 12pm EST.  Each class will be no longer than 90 minutes and will include teaching and discussion.  We will also have 2 evening Q and A calls time TBD for those of you who can't make the day time calls. 

We will have our own private Facebook group as well as group online journal where you can share breakthroughs, give and receive support.

The classes are live but will be recorded so you can listen at your convenience. 

Amazing things happen when women come together in groups!

This program has three options for you to choose from

 Basic Program $47 ($77 after February 1st)

o   Group Support Only

o   Human Design Chart for each immediate family member

o   2 payment options: Pay one payment of $47 or two monthly payments of $25 ($45 after Feb 1st)


 Basic Plus Program  $167 ($197 after February 1st)

o   Basic Program + one 30 minute session + one weekly journal review

o   10 spots available

o   2 payment options: Pay one payment of $167 or two monthly payments of $85 ($99 after Feb 1st)


VIP Program $567 ($597 after February 1st)

o   Basic Plus + One-to-One Support

o   Sessions expire one year after the program starts

o   5 spots available

o   Includes Group program plus three 50 minute 1-1 phone sessions and unlimited journal reviews and email support (Valued at $600)

o   3 payment option: Pay one payment of $567 or three monthly payments of $189 ($199 after Feb 1st)


Bonus #1:   Every member of the program will get FREE access to my 12 week mindful living self-guided program, which includes meditations and a online journal.  You will also have a year long membership to The Mindful Family so that you can access that program at anytime ($97 value)

Fast Action Bonus:  Sign Up for Basic plus or VIP program by Feb 1st and get a full 50 minute session with Jennifer instead of only 30 minutes (A $150 value). 


Registration closes February 12, 2016



OK.  there you have it.  Here is the recap in case you are still on the fence


     I am inviting you to join me to learn and play with three cutting edge personal empowerment tools.

                   I am inviting you to be a part of a group of wives and mothers who are not only passionate about their own success but also the success of others.

I am inviting you to tap into your intuition and be open to mind to living more authentically

 I am inviting you to take some time out of your very busy schedule to take care of YOUR needs.

     I am inviting you to uncover your true nature of love, success and peace of mind.


Are you ready?


Are you interested but somewhat unsure if this program is for you?  Let’s chat. 


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